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In the technological world we live in today, a single mistake can lead to catastrophic data loss. Too often, small businesses find themselves in a serious bind from simple technology oversights. When managing a small business, it’s crucial to establish your competitive advantage. Technology is designed to provide that advantage on many levels for a small business…sales & marketing, revenue cycle, order fulfillment, talent acquisition, and customer service for starters. Many small businesses are unaware and unprepared to properly utilize and implement effective technologies that would lead them to business optimization.

1. Delaying Software Updates

The most common SMB trap is delaying software updates…it maybe be a “memory” issue or a simple oversight. Typically, it is put on the backburner because it is perceived to be time-consuming and costly.  Prioritizing software updates allows your company to improve performance, maximize new features and increase security. Properly updating your system adds consistent preventative measures that mitigates cyberattacks and excessive recovery costs.

2. Overlooking Cybersecurity

Too often small businesses believe that “it won’t happen to me.” Cyber criminals target unsuspecting small businesses for their valuable account data. Failing to invest the time and resources in preparing for a cybersecurity incident has proven to be catastrophic for businesses just like yours. It is imperative for you and your staff to be trained on cybersecurity.

3. No Reliable Backup

Regular backups are essential to secure an organization’s infrastructure. An incident of major data loss can be crippling to a business. Running without backups puts companies at risk of permanent data loss, downtime and ultimately business closure. Data backups offer businesses peace of mind, allowing you, your employees and customers to have a reliable fall back should disaster strike.

4. Staying Up to Date with Compliance

It is crucial that your business systems align with the compliance requirements for your industry. Organizations must continue to invest in and devote the proper resources to both compliance and developing data-driven business models.

Technology needs to be an asset to your company. By implementing technology with a strategy, you can increase your business productivity and efficiency. Create a competitive advantage by developing a strategic technological approach. Clients notice and appreciate the accessibility that advances in technology provides.  It’s a customer satisfaction tool when maximized.