Business Continuity

The best defense is a good offense. Our Business Continuity Planning includes Security Solutions, Disaster Recovery Solutions, Preventative Maintenance, and Backup Solutions.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

BCP encompasses all of the services Biz Technology Solutions, Inc (BTS) offers that are designed to maintain smooth day to day operations and prevent financial loss.  BCP protects your business from issues which can arise in information systems that prevent normal business operation.  BTS specialists provide a unique approach to information systems by bringing together experts from our various business units including IT managed services, IT professional services, and software development and consulting units.  Our specialists align your information technology goals with those of your business to help you streamline processes and increase ROI. BTS is a full technology provider and offers solutions encompass security, data backups, and disaster recovery.

Security Solutions

Businesses are increasingly becoming more security minded as the potential of a breach becomes more costly.  BTS, Inc provides expertise in network and computer system security.  Our specialists understand that security is more than firewalls and access control, and provide services that integrate people and process into the security solutions that we provide.  One of the greatest challenges faced today as a business is finding the balance between security and accessibility.   For example, if a system is too secure then it can negatively impact the productivity of the employee and cause the business to lose money.  BTS, Inc offers a variety of services related to security and brings in expertise from all areas of computing to provide a team of individuals who present a unique approach to security.

Security Auditing

Security auditing provides your business with detailed information on the security status of your systems.  BTS, Inc analyzes systems and your network for vulnerable systems.   This audit can be customized to include internal or external vulnerability.  Internal audits analyze the computers, servers, and network as they are visible from a potential malicious user inside the company’s network.

External audits analyze the services and systems accessible from the Internet, and also analyze the perimeter defense that is in place.  At the end of the audit BTS, Inc provides a detailed report as well as recommendations on actions that can be taken to harden system security.

Attack Prevention

Intrusion Detection System (IDS )

IDS systems provide your business with a perimeter defense system that alerts administrators to potential attacks which allows administrators to proactively protect their IT systems malicious hackers and users.

“Honeypot” Systems

Honeypot’s provide a bare bones system that presents itself as a vulnerable server which can be placed on your network and monitor for attacks.  This provides valuable information on who has gained access to your systems and what their intentions are.

Network Access Control (NACL)

NACL provides control for rogue devices on your network, whether it is an employee who brings their laptop in from home or a malicious hacker installing a device on your system unknown to system administrators.  NACL can permit, deny or provide limited access to your network and systems based on policies created by the administrators.

Security Policies

BTS, Inc can create security policies customized for your systems.  These policies can range from acceptable use to corporate data protection policies.  BTS, Inc also provides consulting services to work with existing IT staff to create a policy that is effective for your specific systems.

System Security Hardening

BTS, Inc can analyze your server environment and recommend various configuration changes or possibly even new security systems designed to create a secure environment to protect your data and maintain the desired level of availability.  Our security specialists analyze business goals and match security needs to business needs.  BTS, Inc security specialists find the appropriate balance of security vs. accessibility.

Attack Migration

Security  Incident and Disaster Recovery Plans

This is part of the disaster recovery solutions offered by BTS, Inc.  Security breaches are considered disasters and have specific needs compared to other types of disasters.  BTS, Inc provides your business with a disaster recovery plan that is specific for this type of disaster, and can also work side by side with existing IT staff to create a plan suited for your systems.

Damage Assessment ‘s

In the event of an attack, BTS, Inc can assess the damage of the breach, examine your systems to determine if the attacker left a trail, and also determine how the attacker was able to compromise the system.  Our specialists provide a complete report on the state of company data as well as any malicious applications left behind by the attacker.  Recommendations are also made after determining the point of entry on what can be done to prevent further attack and protect against further damage.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Biz Technology Solutions (BTS), Inc provides many different disaster recovery systems that enable your business to resume operations quickly and efficiently in the event of a disaster.   Our disaster recovery specialists create solutions that are designed specifically for your type of business.  At BTS, Inc we strive to bring enterprise level expertise to small and medium sized businesses.

Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)

Disaster recovery is a technology aspect many businesses overlook when planning a proper IT infrastructure.  In today’s progressive economy businesses cannot afford downtime.  Disaster can be caused by equipment failure or natural disasters.  There are many different options for disaster recovery such as utilizing recovery site services which can bring your business back up to speed quickly.  With disaster recovery planning, critical business and IT processes will be analyzed to create a plan that fits the business infrastructure which will provide maximum availability in the event of a catastrophe. Our goal at Biz Technology Solutions, Inc is to create a disaster recovery plan which is compliant with various industry and government standards while still remaining affordable for small to medium sized businesses.  Biz Technology Solutions can provide complete disaster recovery planning solutions customized for your business, along with consulting services to work with existing IT staff.

Disaster Readiness Auditing

Being prepared for a disaster is crucial in today’s modern workplace.  Disaster readiness auditing provides your business with the information you need to determine how ready you are for a disaster.  Disaster readiness specialists analyze your systems and determine what problems are most likely to arise in the event of a disaster and what disaster your systems would be most prone to.  This audit provides you with a basis from which you can proceed when implementing a disaster recovery plan or any other disaster recovery system. BTS, Inc provides disaster readiness auditing services for your business.  We produce a full report on the findings; make recommendations on disaster recovery systems, and aid in prioritizing the systems most prone to disaster.

Disk Imaging

Disk imaging systems greatly decrease the time it takes to restore a system.  If a server or workstation were to fail it would take a day at the least to re-install the operating system, software, and services in order to bring the system back up to an operational state.  The disk imaging system allows a snapshot of the system to be created, if a system was to fail, the disk image can be restored and the system can be restored to a previous state in a few hours. Biz Technology Solutions, Inc provides expertise in disk imaging system design, implementation and support, as well as consulting services on existing systems.

Recovery Site Design and Planning

Recovery sites vary in size and complication.  The sites can be hot or cold sites and can vary from exact replicas of servers and workstations utilizing a form of replication, or the site can maintain just critical systems waiting to go live in the event of a disaster.  A recovery site allows your systems to be recovered in a fraction of the time it would take normally to recover systems.  These sites allow for recovery from various types of disasters depending on the complexity of the system. There are various technologies that can aid in recovery sites and BTS, Inc can help in all phases of recovery site design and planning.

High Availability

There are many different technologies that provide the level of availability required by most businesses today as the internet, and computer systems become increasingly mission critical for day to day operations.  High availability systems allow for failover and redundancy in the event of a failure or outage, allowing for seamless operation that is transparent to the end user. BTS, Inc sells, designs, and implements various high availability systems that are designed specifically to fit your budget and provide the level of availability desired.

Asset Inventory and Management

Asset tracking and inventory is key for knowing at all times what you have purchased, where it is located and how it is being used.   Asset management systems provide valuable information on application usage, allowing you to allocate unused resources and then redistribute them to avoid purchasing unnecessary additions to your system.  In the event of a disaster, having this information provides you with a basis for determining the extent of the damage, controlling the extent of the damage, and planning for recovery. BTS, Inc provides various solutions for asset inventory and management to provide the level of detail and reporting desired by your business.

Preventative Maintenance Package (PMP)

The Preventive Maintenance Package (PMP) is a comprehensive and proactive maintenance program designed to provide your business with a superior level of network and computer system reliability and performance. The PMP service ensures the security and stability of your system while protecting company data against catastrophic system failure. The PMP plan includes regular on-site time required to perform these maintenance functions based on your company’s schedule.  A “hands-on” knowledge of your systems is critical to the success of PMP as well as the cooperation of staff members with your business.  These onsite visits provide us with up-to-date complete knowledge about the state of your systems while allowing us to note any changes not documented through our normal processes.

Backup Solutions

As a business, protecting your financial and company data is an integral part of information systems that few can afford to overlook.  BTS, Inc offers various backup solutions that provide your business with a complete solution to monitoring, maintaining, designing and implementing systems to protect your data.

Backup Monitoring Service

Many IT surveys state that about 70 percent of businesses fail to restore their vital business data within the defined business recovery window or don’t recover at all. This is the result of common backup problems such as the use of incorrect media, program/software issues, open or locked files that can’t be copied and scheduling issues with the backup routine. While BTS engineers are able to check your backup logs while onsite, an error in backup can occur between these visits. The service includes a daily email sent to BTS from your backup software system where engineers review these emails for any issues that the system encountered during the backup procedure.   Issues are immediately identified and corrective action is taken to ensure the safety of your data. The BMS package consists of, but not limited to, the following services:

  • See if backup media is not present or has failed
  • Verifying data corruption
  • Provide monthly reports for the backup status, if requested
  • Checking offsite backup status
  • If errors occur, we can immediately start working on a resolution

Backup System Design and Implementation

Backing up your data is one of the most fundamental processes of a sound computing environment.  Hardware will fail and data will become corrupted at some point in the lifetime of your system.   In the event of a failure your data is lost without a sound back-up system; these systems not only provide peace of mind but allow for data retention to comply with various government regulations such as SOX and HIPAA.BTS, Inc designs and implements backup systems that anticipate future data growth and are customized not only for the current quantity of data but for projected future data growth.

Collection of servers that are linked together to perform daily backups

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