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Investment Firm Expands Their IT Team

Golden Capital Management, an investment firm in Charlotte, NC knew they needed more support than they were getting from their current IT team / service provider. After years of working with an in-house provider, the leadership team at Golden Capital wanted to see what other options were available. As a subsidiary of Wells Fargo, [...]

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Enhancing Collaboration While Reducing Duplication

Hedrick Gardner Kincheloe & Garofalo LLP (HGKG) is a large multi-specialty law firm headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. HGKG recognized the importance of leveraging an enterprise content management but was seeking expert advice and guidance on ECM best-practices, collaboration, and specific application for their workflows. SharePoint 2010 was already being used extensively internally for [...]

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Microsoft SharePoint Implementation

Before SharePoint, many manufacturing companies found themselves relying on emails in order to communicate, share digital content and collaborate. While the overall process was digital, it came with many inefficiencies and was burdensome for many across the different business units. Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, textile manufacturing company American Truetzschler was using Outlook emails to [...]

Skype for Business Helps Growing Company Expand

Microsoft's Skype for Business is everything needed for business communication in one application; instant messaging, meetings, audio, and video calls. Support Solutions prides itself on training and delivering a support system to individuals with specialized diagnoses. Their patients require particular mental health and specialized training services, so communication is key for the company. Originally [...]

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Healthcare Center Outgrows Managed Services Provider

There are many company's that utilize Biz Technology Solution's managed services. Northeast Digestive Health Center in Concord, NC is a perfect example. They are dedicated to having a comprehensive practice providing treatment and care for individuals with conditions affecting the digestive tract, liver, pancreas and biliary tree. Complete with a staff of 10 board-certified gastroenterologists, [...]

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Manufacturer Outgrows Trusted IT Provider

When a plastics manufacturer outgrew their long-time IT provider, they trusted Biz Technology Solutions to deliver the best solution that would scale with their growing needs. Plastics Products experienced considerable growth in their business, and their IT infrastructure was struggling to support the increase in volume and demand. The server was having problems with [...]

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Service Level Agreement Helps Growing Business

Specializing in Orthopedic care, Carolina Bone and Joint (CBJ) has four locations spanning the Charlotte, NC region in order to better serve their customers. As with any growing business, CBJ employed a full-time Information technology manager to conduct their standard daily IT needs, but when it came time to switch over to a new [...]

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