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While cloud computing and on-premises IT services both have their advantages and disadvantages, finding the best solution for your company is what matters most. Let start off by explaining what exactly each of these solutions are. According to Microsoft, cloud computing is the delivery of computing services, including servers, storage, databases, software, etc, over the internet. While on the other hand, on premise solutions are exactly what the name says. Companies buy a server and manage it completely locally in their environment. So now that you know what each solution entails, the next question is picking what’s best for your company. Below we have explained the differences between each of these solutions.

On-Prem Solutions

-Time, money, and resources must be allocated to service the on-prem software and equipment

-On-prem infrastructure is not easy to scale

-Internet connectivity is not always needed because software is not online

-Company is responsible for hardware and warranty upkeep

-Cost is fixed, and the company is aware of the upfront costs

-The user controls are greater with on-prem hardware and software

-There are more upfront capital expenses associated with on-prem due to purchasing hardware.


Cloud Solutions


-Cloud is more like a service where you pay and someone else takes care of the hardware.

-Cloud infrastructure is easier & quicker to scale up

-Data and services are stored online, so internet connectivity is required. Redundant internet is recommended.

-Third party providers take care of the software and hardware replacement.

-Charges may fluctuate monthly based on consumption.

-The user control over software is less because of a third party managing it.

-Cloud services are subscription based so there is a monthly fee and typically less money upfront.


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