Enhancing Collaboration While Reducing Duplication

Hedrick Gardner Kincheloe & Garofalo LLP (HGKG) is a large multi-specialty law firm headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. HGKG recognized the importance of leveraging an enterprise content management but was seeking expert advice and guidance on ECM best-practices, collaboration, and specific application for their workflows.

SharePoint 2010 was already being used extensively internally for various departments, but HGKG was still experiencing company-wide adoption challenges. As a law firm workflows were used extensively, from tracking approvals and requests, to using it for reimbursements. However, many of the workflows that were needed for proper job functionality were still being completed manually. As you can imagine, this led to a lapse in employee productivity and left a large margin for error.

The firm hoped to bring more collaboration and functionality to the base SharePoint implementation, and they needed to begin using the platform for deeper integration and communication around client workflows. Another strong need for HGKG was the delivery of relevant reporting capabilities for the leadership team and attorneys in order to have an immediately accessible centralized data system to run their business. Finally, HGKG wanted to integrate the SharePoint solution with other line-of-business applications, including their Microsoft Lync unified communications solution.

Microsoft Sharepoint Enables Businesses Across The Globe To Virtually Collaborate

The SharePoint portal provided a centralized repository for reporting and digitized content as well as a system that helped automate some of the work øows and reimbursement approvals. BTS’ engagement helped HGKG boost user-access, encourage end user buy-in, and streamline their data navigation systems as a whole.

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