Healthcare Center Outgrows Managed Services Provider

There are many company’s that utilize Biz Technology Solution’s managed services. Northeast Digestive Health Center in Concord, NC is a perfect example. They are dedicated to having a comprehensive practice providing treatment and care for individuals with conditions affecting the digestive tract, liver, pancreas and biliary tree. Complete with a staff of 10 board-certified gastroenterologists, Northeast Digestive offers patients top notch, state-of-the-art care.

But that’s what they weren’t getting from their information technology provider-and that was a big issue. “As health care has become more and more technologically reliant, we needed someone that could support that growth and development, and our other vendor just couldn’t do it. Although they tried,” said Laura Henry, administrator. Northeast Digestive had been working with the same technology provider for over 15 years, but they were realizing they were just outgrowing their needs and were interested in utilizing managed services from Biz Technology Solutions.

“I met Miles [from Biz Technology Solutions] from the North Carolina Medical Group Managers Association (NCMGMA) a little while back in Savannah, GA. We had this on going struggle with growth, and had considered going with another company quite a few times. Then I met Miles, and we decided to meet with Biz Tech. That was interesting,” Said Henry.

Account Manager Miles Jahns and Coordinator Luke Ronkowski remember the initial meeting as being very interesting and quirky, but Henry says that’s part of what drew her company in. Henry believes that having some one who can manage multiple levels of technology in the health care realm is a major bonus. Being able to handle the multiple interfaces, the electronic medical records system and newly switched practice management system as a new vendor was vital to the iron going success as a top-notch health care center.

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