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Healthcare Development

Healthcare Software Development

We have proven experience in the healthcare domain.

Software Solutions for Healthcare

For over 20 years Biz Technology Solutions, Inc has been developing custom software solutions for the healthcare industry.

Our solutions lower cost of operations, risks, enhance patient care and profits for our clients. We have proven experience in the healthcare domain. We use software development best practices to deliver solutions for clinics, medical practices, hospitals, TPAs and billing clearing houses.

Business Intelligence

In the healthcare world of today, the volume of clinical and financial data is not only overwhelming, but also poorly structured and not easily accessible for analysis. Intelli-Health is business intelligence (BI) technology built to address such issues.

The ability to analyze large amounts of data, whether clinical or financial, can yield to better evidence-based decision-making for your organization. Intelli-Health technology can evolve your information into visualized data to support evidence-based decisions for your healthcare system.


“Business Intelligence to Advance Healthcare”

Some Benefits:
  • Improve Patient Care and Safety
  • Increase Efficiency Throughout the Organization
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Help Meet compliance With Healthcare Reform Laws

Intelli-Health develops a unified enterprise view of compartmentalized and fragmented data systems. Not only does BI support external departmental data sharing, it puts a myriad of real-time reports at your fingertips:

  • Revenue Indicators (Outpatient/Inpatient Payer Mix)
  • Door-to-Provider Time
  • FTEs per Adjusted Occupied Beds
  • Denied Claim Analysis
  • Service Profitability
  • Clinical Quality and Patient Safety
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Quality of Physicians

EDI Solutions

Biz Technology Solutions, Inc. provides a number of electronic medical claim processing solutions based on the HIPAA EDI X12 industry standards that allow healthcare institutions to significantly lower the cost of business, enhance customer care, and increase revenue.

We offer a full suite of products and services to automate key business functions such as claim capture and processing, direct payer connectivity, medical billing, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Document Workflow Management.

Our company is dedicated to making the job of the healthcare worker “less stressful” and “more productive.” Our philosophy is based on real life experience with the efforts and challenges of claim processing and workflow management.

As a result, we have created high performance, sophisticated, and reliable user friendly technology. This philosophy has served as the common factor in the development of our product line.

We provide turn-key solutions from software systems to hardware options, to full-service training, support, and consulting. We are committed to exceed our customer’s expectations – providing you with everything you need. We have expertise in healthcare billing, claim processing and document workflow management.

We continue to bring leading-edge cost effective products to our customers developed using the latest  .NET technologies.


  • Provider Side Portal
  • Medical Billing Solution
  • Billing Clearinghouse
  • Payer Solution


Our Insurance Claim Processor suite of products (ICP) is a unique blend of advance web-based software modules that have the ability to capture claims from medical practices, scrub them (Web Portal), and submit them to various payers while tracking an array of financial and accounting information (Consolidation Server).

CP eliminates expensive paper-based processes by capturing claims data directly from Practice Management Software (Billing Software). ICP claim handling results in faster reimbursement due to clean electronic medical claims submission and significant reduction in manual, error prone and paper-based processes for both the claim submitter and the claim receiver.

Biometric Recognition

Palm Identify is an easy to use biometric solution to accurately ID healthcare patients. The patient’s palm is digitally scanned, which creates a unique digital signature that is attached to the digital medical record.

Upon each visit the patient’s hand is scanned, linking that person to the correct chart.


Palm Identify is a system that:

  • Enhances patient safety
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to use by both patients and staff
  • Eliminates duplicate records
  • Simplifies check-in procedures
  • Is 100 times more accurate than the average fingerprint.

What is Palm Identify?

Palm Identify is an easy to use biometric solution to accurately ID healthcare patients. The patient’s palm is digitally scanned which creates a unique digital signature that is attached to the digital medical record.

Upon each return visit, the patient’s hand is scanned linking their identity to the correct chart.

How does it work?

Once thought to be science fiction, it is now today’s technology!

The pattern of blood veins is unique to every person including identical twins. This one-of-a-kind biometric signature is captured by taking a scan of a patient’s palm which only takes a few seconds. During the scan an invisible infrared light is directed on the patient’s palm. This light is very similar to the light used in a TV remote control. Some of the light is then absorbed by the veins while other light is reflected

When red blood cells release oxygen the light does not reflect back to the scanner. This results in a dark line pattern of the patient’s veins. These vein patterns are now converted by an algorithm into digital points that are unique to that patient. These digital points can now be compared to existing data in a database to match the patient to their record.

Click here for more infomation about Palm Identify

HL7 Interfacing

Our HL7 products and interfacing services focus on healthcare integrations, offering software solutions and consulting for a broad variety of healthcare application interfacing.

We specialize in HL7 and healthcare-related software, and constantly strive to make interfacing more efficient and cost-effective.  Our products and services allow HL7 interfacing to a number of systems and business entities.

Systems such but not limited to:

  • Practice Management Software (PMS)
  • Electronic Medical Records software  (EMR – EHR)
  • Dictation Station / Transcription
  • PACS Imaging Systems

Business Entities such as but not limited to:

  • Hospitals/Clinincs
  • Imaging Centers
  • Physicians
  • Lab power houses such as LabCorp, Spectrum, and LabQuest
  • Medical device manufacturers

Example of Types on HL7 Interfacing



Biz Technology Solutions has been providing consulting services for healthcare organizations for many years we have worked with individual practices, physician networks, hospitals, billing clearing houses and many more. Our clients look to us as a choice for all of their Practice Management software and EHR implementation and support, HIPAA compliance, and total medical office automation services.

Our team of professionals provides a unique IT service to the medical community with our extensive experience with Practice Management, Electronic Health Records (EHR), accounting and medical billing practices combined with knowledge of HIPAA. We have a broad range of experience with medical office workflow and technology. Our engineers are currently familiar with over 40 PMS/EMR applications.

Following are some of the consulting services we offer:
  • ARRA HITECH consulting
  • Assessment of practice  workflow to understand practice strengths and weakness
  • Gap analysis
  • Plan development which includes setting practice goals, ROI, priorities and milestones
  • Creating task force
  • Development of practice profile
  • Development of RFP
  • Comparing and ranking PMSEHR vendors
  • Reviewing and negotiating contracts
  • Developing PMSEHR implementation plan
  • Assessment of current information technology and development of upgrade plan to ensure that it meets PMSEHR system requirements.
  • Security and Risk assessment
  • Development of data conversion and software and hardware interfacing plan
  • Working with vendor and client to development a customized training plan
  • Development of Disaster Recovery plan in case the software does not deliver as promised
  • Coordination of hardware and software procurement
  • Support during go-live phase

PMS & EHR Selection

Evaluating a Software Package

Like many decisions we make in life there are often trade-offs associated with our choices; some are positive others are negative. Unfortunately, there is rarely a perfect choice.  Our job is to help you select the most effective solution for your business.


The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act) is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). ARRA contains incentives related to health care information technology in general and contains specific incentives designed to accelerate the adoption of electronic health record (EHR) systems among healthcare providers.

For eligible providers, the Medicare incentive is $44,000 per provider over 5 years and Medicaid is $63,750 per provider over 6 years. If you haven’t received your incentive payments or need help selecting the proper EHR for your practice Biz Technology Solutions can help provide you comprehensive services to accelerate the process.

ICD10 Planning

For medical practices, the path to ICD-10 conversion is a considerable challenge. If not done well it will be costly and will affect all government financial incentives programs such as meaningful use, PQRS, and e-prescribing.

While CMS is providing incentives for practices to make the move quickly, there are also penalties for not meeting conversion milestones. Regardless of your practice objectives, this is a government-mandated program that is unavoidable. However you feel about converting to ICD-10, the deadline is looming and you need to make some decisions.

At Biz Technology Solutions, we have a track record of delivering HIPAA 5010 and ICD-10 Assessments, and ICD-10 implementation plans on time and on budget with excellent results.

We can provide some the following services:
  • Best practices for ICD-10 transition
  • Business road map development
  • Assessment and Gap analysis
  • Implementation planning and design
  • ICD-10 compliance
  • Training
  • Data migration
  • Vendor selection

Document Management

eDocHealth is a proven medical document management solution that instantly improves medical office document access, as well as practice workflow, by electronically scanning and filing your documents and making them accessible to your entire staff regardless of their location.

When you minimize paper-based activity and work within a digital environment, you trim overhead costs by reducing reliance on paper, streamline workflow with quick access to information, and protect patient records with strict user-control.


The burden of administrative and clinical documents in a medical practice is considerable. Busy offices lead to inaccessible administrative documents and charts; whether misplaced, lost, or in use by another staff member. Physician practices continue to seek a solution to reduce or eliminate the increasing volumes of paper within their organizations.

The optimal product would eliminate the issues of overcrowded office space and storage facilities, as well as the problems associated with paper medical records such as lost or misplaced patient charts, patient EOBs, etc. Medical staff and providers demand a user friendly HIPAA compliant solution that enhances patient care and reduces cost of operations while increasing revenue and generating a rapid return on investment (ROI).


eDocHealth is a cost-effective way to meet those needs by automation of administrative, and clinical documents management. eDocHealth does not force you to change your office workflow; instead, it can adapt to it or be configured for “best operational practices”.

eDocHealth can work in conjunction with your Practice Management software and Electronic Medical Records software (EMR/EHR). In most cases document management solutions are better suited to manage medical records than traditional EMR/EHR. It is a known fact that document management solutions have near 98% implementation success while traditional EMR/HER solutions are more challenging endeavors.

Read More

eDoc Biz for Enterprise

eDoc Biz is a proven Document Management solution that supports the elimination of paper while providing staff the ability to access documents in an efficient manner. The software allows a progressive move to digital records while retaining the option of working with some paper documents. eDoc Biz is a cost-effective and user-friendly solution to manage all your administrative and client-related documents requiring little or no change to your current business workflow.

When you minimize paper-based activity and work within a digital environment, you trim overhead costs by reducing reliance on paper, streamline workflow with quick access to information, protect client records with strict user-control, and provide the first step to an easy transition to a completely paperless workflow.

eDoc Biz can integrate with your current software and creates a paperless environment through the scanning and filing of documents electronically, making them accessible to your entire staff over multiple locations. eDoc Biz can be implemented with minimal disruption to your business yielding high returns on investment.


With the changing landscape of today’s healthcare industry, including lower reimbursements and more government regulations, technology plays a vital part in how you manage your patient communication and data securely, efficiently, and cost effectively. The modern medical practice requires easy communication between patients, clinicians, and other healthcare stakeholders to ensure quality of care while minimizing risk of malpractice. To stay competitive, an organization must balance superior patient service with operational efficiencies. One way to do this is through self service.

Biz Technology Solutions, Inc. brings this self-service innovation to providers’ offices with the HIPAA compliant eDoc Patient Kiosk. The Patient Kiosk is a freestanding, interactive system that streamlines your entire registration process.

Key Benefits

  • Interface to PM to update patient information with minimum staff intervention
  • Eliminate redundant data entry and the management of paper based forms
  • Rich reporting tools
  • Decrease patient wait time
Enhance Patient Services
  • Multilingual Content
  • Various kiosk hardware form factors to accommodate your office and patient ergonomics
Eliminate Identity Theft (Red Flag Rules)
  • Patient Palm biometric recognition
Minimize Risk
  • Patient enters data so there is less room for error
  • HIPAA compliant
Increase Revenue
  • Collect payments on the day of service

Wayfinder Kiosk

Touch2Locate is a technology platform that enables visitors of a facility to find the way to a destination. The platform is designed to provide visual and verbal cues for visitors throughout the facility. The platform also provides additional interactive services for specifically designed for healthcare organizations such as check-in, as well as “Where is it Again?” where the electronic directory recognizes the visitor throughout the facility. Furthermore, our solution can send information directly to the visitor’s smartphone via QR Code to provide them with a portable map directly stored on their mobile devices.

For meetings, urgent alerts and special events, the Touch2Locate can be a quick and efficient way to display messages for visitors and employees to view as they enter the facility.


What Is It?

When working with digital signage, having a built-in wayfinding technology, as well as interactive services, can dramatically improve patient flow and satisfaction.  Touch2Locate is applicable to any organization, not just healthcare.

  • User friendly and intuitive touch interface
  • Social Media and News Feeds displayed
  • Step by Step directions
  • Interactive 3D Maps with Path Drawing
  • Ads space for screen
  • Digital Posters for events
  • Patient Check-in
  • QR Barcodes to view Maps on smart phones
  • Event Board display
  • Virtual Concierge
  • Building Directories
  • Marketing splash board

Where Can It Be Used?

  • Hospitals
  • Large medical facilities with multiple tenants
  • University Campuses
  • Corporate buildings

Online Forms

When patients are able to complete their forms electronically, the overhead cost and risk associated with traditional paperwork is greatly reduced. When patients complete their forms online prior to appointments, your front desk staff can focus on other aspects of the registration process and physicians can see more patients, thereby improving and accelerating patient flow. Electronic forms work well for practices with EHR software. Scanning is eliminated when documents are initially in electronic format. Patient form data is then easily loaded into any EHR with just a few clicks.

Less Registration Time = More Money for Your Practice

Why eDoc Forms?

  • Increased Accuracy of Patient Data
  • No Scanning of Documents
  • Get Information Before the Patient Visit
  • Reduced Patient Waiting Times
  • Integrates with Your EHR

Patients can complete forms on any web-enabled device, including:

  • Office Kiosk
  • Smartphone
  • Home Computer
  • iPad in Office or Home

Payment Solutions

Biz Technology Solutions is able to offer a brand new billing solution to facilitate easy payment solutions for hospitals, practices, and clinics. We harness payer technology to help clients expedite payment for their services. This solution brings you front-line experts who excel at extracting and transforming data, ensuring highly customized output solutions.

Our patient billing solution offers you both electronic bill payment capability and electronic bill presentment.

We help you bring together data from multiple practice management platforms into an efficient and cost-effective patient communication and revenue collection solution. With a customized output system specific to your needs, you’ll be sure to receive a flexible and scalable solution that delivers on both quality and efficiency.

Data Exchange

As more healthcare information systems are deployed into hospitals, physicians’ groups and labs, the need for the data interchange increases and becomes apparent.  The need to have comprehensive patient data and access to it from different systems becomes integral.  Biz Technology Solutions, Inc. works with numerous integration engines that facilitate the exchange of data and its transformation.


One of the leading Open Source java-based interface engines is Mirth (developed by WebReach, Inc.) and Biz Technology Solutions, Inc.  spent several years supporting and deploying the application for different health organizations.

We can support you in the planning and implementation of your clinical communication processes – whether database integration, LDT, GDT, BDT, HL7, XML, PDF, email, EDI or CSV – We provide full service – network integration, server integration and interface programming.

Surgery Scheduling

We understand surgical office operations “best practices” and, as a result, people and processes come first and technology comes second.

BTS provides the practice with a guaranteed response time for all issues and a customized priority list to ensure that the practice’s needs are met immediately and appropriately.

BTS monitors your infrastructure from backups, security, and critical applications to system integration.

iSee Scheduling

Do you face any of these common challenges?
  • Inefficient communications
  • Double or more data entry
  • High paper trail during surgical coordination
  • Complexity of EHR scheduling templates
  • Difficulty in reporting of surgery status
  • Too much paperwork when preparing patient for surgeries (Letters, Disclaimer forms, Consent, etc..)
  • High overhead due to time and material to distribute schedules and constantly reprinting after changes are made

Allow us to bring a new approach to streamline your workflow!

See what our clients say about iSee Scheduling:

“iSEE should make everyone see the advantages to this scheduling tool. It’s a dream come true!  Practices are able to customize templates for each physician’s schedule and enter their schedule in a fraction of the time than previously required.  Each physician is able to view their schedule in real time, either online or with an iPhone or Blackberry – getting rid of the paper; however, for those needing paper, it’s so simple to run the report of the schedule!   We have 19 happy surgeons with the iSEE product.   Working with the Biz Technology Solutions team in the development of  iSEE was a great experience and the final product that has successfully emerged is an indicator and tribute to their dedication of project development and support.”

Sonja M. Tomlinson, Patient Support Services Manager, Central Carolina Surgery, P.A.


Luminosity’s complete solution set provides asset management, business intelligence, RTLS, advanced utilization reporting, infection control, and compliance tracking. Integrated applications include temperature monitoring, hand hygiene, and utilization analysis.

Luminosity provides an integrated user interface unified with multiple facility-wide applications, integrations, 3rd party solutions, and RTLS hardware technology.

With Luminosity, you get more than just bed management software, you get a complete patient flow solution.

Luminosity’s Patient Flow solution enables healthcare organizations to enhance capacity management and important metrics such as Average Length of Stay (ALOS), Patient Care Hours, Unit Efficiency, and Provider Productivity  which are crucial not only to ongoing operations and management, but to quality of patient care as well.

Luminosity’s Asset Management solution enables healthcare organizations to optimize their inventory management and avoid bottlenecks related to equipment cleaning or maintenance wait times. Avoiding delays and eliminating the time needed to find available equipment allows clinicians to increase value-added time with patients leading to improved patient satisfaction and reduced staff frustration.

Luminosity’s Business Intelligence solution utilizes data mining and real time utilization analysis of your clinical assets and human resources to give you accurate reporting  on key performance indicators, analyze trends, and help you identify process improvement opportunities. BI empowers hospitals to gain a level of transparency into their processes to equip you to make transformational changes that impact performance.

The various integrated modules of Luminosity work with your facility to seamlessly provide feedback on both asset performance and interaction. You gain real-time awareness, simplified communication, process automation, all in addition to meeting your compliance requirements. Bring your facility to a new level of patient experience.

Claim Processing

Our BITS Product Suite includes several transformation adapters, desktop form based editors, direct payer connectivity solution, web-based claims processing solution and web-based medical billing solution. Our services include building custom healthcare solutions that are architected around our EDI engine and other proven third party software components. Biz Technology Solutions clients include Billing Service Bureaus, Clearinghouses, Healthcare  Solution Providers, Software Vendors, Hospitals, Clinics, Consultants and Healthcare BPOs. Our adapters are used to create X12N data, which is compatible with a variety of payers across the USA and to process thousands of healthcare claims each day.

“Billing, Insurance, Transaction System”

The BITS Product Suite has a variety of readymade products and solutions ready to use or that can be customized for your environment, including the following:


  • Transformation Adapters
  • HCFA-1500, UB-92, ADA Form Based ANSI Creators
  • Claims Reconciliation – Direct Payor Connectivity
  • Medical Billing Solution


  • Provider Side Portal – Web Based Claim Processing
  • Payer Solution
  • Billing Clearing House Solution
As part of our services offering, we build independent custom healthcare solutions or solutions that are built using the EDIEngine Suite and other third party proven technologies. As part of this offering, we have built custom Clearinghouse Solutions, Web-based Radiology Solution and Custom Healthcare Form based ANSI Creator solutions.
The BITS Services are positioned and priced for small to medium healthcare entities as the industry is striving towards:
  • HIPAA compliancy
  • Migration out of legacy systems
  • Reducing the cost of delivering healthcare for TPA, Small Payers, Hospitals and Clinics
  • Increasing revenue
  • Alternate revenue models that allow healthcare intermediaries such as Billing Service Bureaus and Clearinghouses to effectively compete for business
  • Better productivity for healthcare BPOs Products and Solutions

Mixed Reality for Healthcare

Are you looking to step up your healthcare service? With the latest technology, you can offer a new reality for healthcare.

Microsoft’s Mixed Reality for healthcare can enhance patient treatment throughout the industry. Save money and time by reducing training by 30% without sacrificing performance, saving an average of $63 per hour.

In addition, you’ll improve efficiency throughout the workplace, saving $41 per hour per ward round.

Mixed Reality Healthcare Advantage

  • Empower Health Team Collaboration
  • Improve Clinical Operations
  • Enhance Patient Engagement

Cloud Solutions

The Microsoft Software Development stack is vital for the success of your organization.

Take advantage of our cloud solutions to enhance your overall business productivity. Whether it be cloud assessment, collocation, consulting, hosting, implementation, or support, Biz Technology Solutions can help your business.

Our Cloud Solutions

  • Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Support
  • Server Colocation
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Collaborate with Office 365
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