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Power BI for HealthcareAnalytics can use big data to track quality, performance and productivity of the patient experience – helping to improve all three. Microsoft Power BI, released in the summer of 2015, has been making waves in the healthcare industry by doing just that.

With advanced analytics – and more specifically Power BI – hospitals now have:

  • Visibility anytime and anywhere across multiple devices.
  • Access to almost real-time reports while treating the patient instead of waiting for things to update nightly.
  • Integration within an EHR to eliminate time wasted by switching among applications.
  • A comprehensive big data solution that combines cloud services, data management and AI.
  • Business process automation where predefined events trigger certain actions to take place
  • Self-service capabilities to increase adoption by nontechnical users.

So far, many hospitals have adopted Power BI and have ultimately changed the way health services are provided.

Here’s three specific examples of how healthcare organizations have maximized big data and Power BI…

North Tees & Hartlepool National Health Services Foundation Trust was able to find a correlation between respiratory drugs prescribed and inclement weather as well as the variation of drugs prescribed by locality.

Helse Vest reduced time spent building reports from 14 days to 1 day by gathering, combining and visualizing data taken from multiple hospitals.

The Intervention Centre eliminated the need for programming skills since queries could be made using natural-language searches. Now, they’re able to provide actionable information to patients faster.

Other organizations have:

  • Evaluated how to serve dense populations with chronic health conditions.
  • Helped clinicians decide which medical treatments, tests and prescriptions are unnecessary.
  • Improved safety and operations.
  • Predicted a facility’s yearly and monthly energy consumption.
  • Married analytics and EHR to create better outcomes for high risk patients.

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