Investment Firm Expands Their IT Team

Golden Capital Management, an investment firm in Charlotte, NC knew they needed more support than they were getting from their current IT team / service provider. After years of working with an in-house provider, the leadership team at Golden Capital wanted to see what other options were available.

As a subsidiary of Wells Fargo, Golden Capital has strict, financial guidelines and protocols to abide by which makes their situation unlike other businesses. Being under the Wells Fargo umbrella means they are subject to reviews and audits of how their technological and security services are performed. Another issue Golden Capital had was their server configuration. Trying to maneuver through all of the bandage situations created throughout the years was not going to be an easy task.

“Our whole server configuration had been kind of cobbled on, and grown on, and added and added to. It was a mess, and it has just gotten bigger than any of us had imagined. We just needed more general support and availability- and to have somebody available when things didn’t work, which was quite often,” said Lynette Alexander, CFO of Golden Capital, “We just felt we had outgrown the other guy.”

One of the main One of the main complaints Golden Capital had was the lack of monitoring. The team needed more than just a break and fix service, they needed someone to tell them when there was an issue and to make sure everything was installed properly. Alexander knew it was time to start looking elsewhere for more advanced IT services. Enter Biz Technology Solution, Inc. (BTS).

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