Since Microsoft Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS) is barely a year old, some IT professionals are still hesitant about switching. Maybe it’s the change they’re dreading. Or maybe they just don’t know enough about it. Whatever the reason, security and mobile device management are a real challenge and concern for IT departments at large organizations. Forrester Consulting reported that 48% of businesses were concerned mobile device security posed a challenge to their mobile initiatives (Psst…check out the bottom of this article for a free Microsoft EMS assessment).

What Is Microsoft Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS)?

It’s a complete security solution for enterprise organizations that focuses heavily on mobility and cloud access. Today, the number of remote and on-the-go workers is increasing every year. Some businesses have gone as far as to eliminate the office altogether. While most companies won’t make that drastic of a change, they are starting to accommodate employees who want to work from home. Unfortunately, this comes with its own set of challenges like:

  • Company information being accessed by unprotected employee personal devices.
  • Poor user experience when it comes to using company applications on the go.
  • Control over applications across cloud platforms.
  • Easy access to the cloud and other servers.

Microsoft EMS has created a comprehensive solution to overcome the above obstacles. It will:

  • Allow single sign-on for easy access to file servers, email, application servers, and database servers with multi-function authentication and conditional access.
  • Connect employee personal devices to company data securely without giving IT full control over the device.
  • Provide document-level security by checking permissions for every person that views protected data.
  • Monitor everything, such as users, documents, and access requests, in real-time for suspicious behavior.
  • Detect malicious attacks and send alerts for known risks.

Is Microsoft EMS Right for You?

    1. Do you have remote or on-the-go employees?
    2. Do you have employees who work with proprietary company data daily?
    3. Do your employees have a poor user experience on their mobile devices when trying to access company files and applications?

  1. Are you using multiple solutions and applications to manage security, cloud access, and mobile devices?

If you answered “yes” to more than two of these questions, Microsoft EMS may be the easiest, safest, and most complete security solution for your enterprise organization.

Still not sure? Get your free Microsoft EMS assessment with a 90-day free trial.

The assessment will:

  • Identify your security strengths
  • Uncover possible vulnerabilities
  • Assist in addressing specific needs and planning the next steps

Plus, receive a summary report of how your organization compares with today’s most advanced enterprise security and mobility solutions.

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