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The technology landscape is changing, and businesses regularly find themselves facing the issue of where to best allocate precious funds to keep things running smoothly. What happens in a lot of cases is that many end up going the easy route – putting off purchasing newer technology in favor of hanging on to aging hardware and software. The issue with that is that this ends up costing more, and not just in obvious ways. Outdated tech is causing security risks, bad customer service, lower productivity, and increased maintenance cost required to keep old devices.

As technology continues to advance, it becomes more difficult and expensive to maintain outdated tech. In 2023, many older technologies may require special expertise or parts that are no longer widely available, driving up the cost of repairs and maintenance.

This makes it a pivotal time for business leaders! It’s essential for organizations to regularly assess their technology and upgrade as necessary to protect against these risks and stay competitive in today’s digital landscape. There are three perspectives to consider when having these conversations about the importance of keeping your technology up to date: Cybersecurity, People, and Business Efficiency.

1. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity continues to be a hot topic and something that seems to always top of mind for everyone with our current threat landscape. Hosting outdated technology can leave organizations highly vulnerable. Lack of patching, vendor support, and access to replacement parts are just a few of the security risks outdated tech can create for your business. One of the biggest issues is that fact that no new security patches get pushed out on end-of-life devices. This will leave obvious holes in your system that could lead to a major breach and ultimately loss in revenue or worse…your business.

2. People

For your employees to do their jobs well, they need technology that will help them achieve those goals. Having outdated technology can hold employees back from being able to do their jobs. Not only that, it can also lead to frustration within the team, when they are constantly having issues with the technology that is provided to them. Day-to-day operations become very difficult if your employees are constantly troubleshooting instead of actually doing their jobs. Another major factor to consider is downtime. If your system unexpectedly goes down, this will have a direct impact on your daily operations and ultimately your bottom line. Having the right technology in place will make for happy and productive employees. That leads to more profit!

3. Business Efficiency

Having outdated technology without a process in place to replace it can lead to large unexpected purchases and migrations all at one time. This can cause major budgeting issues and ultimately lead to more headaches when many devices and systems all have to be replaced at the same time. Having a process in place to help cycle old technology out will help you be more proactive and strategic about changing out old devices. As well as helping budget better. This will allow for smoother transitions and minimize productivity loss during migrations/change out of equipment.

We Can Help!

The moral of the story here is there are very high risks of using outdated technology for several reasons. Oftentimes, organizations shy away from these necessary updates because they are afraid of change. It can also be because they don’t have a trusted partner that can help them through the process. This is where having a Managed Service Provider like us can be a valuable asset. Biz Technology Solutions is a managed service provider that provides managed IT services to help streamline your IT and take the headache of the day-to-day IT needs off your plate. As a managed service client, you will have a Technical Account Manager that will help you with this transition, making it as smooth as possible for you and your business. Click the link to learn more about our managed IT services:

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