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IT Staffing

We provide hardworking and knowledgeable employees in a wide variety of technical industries.

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Your Staffing Challenges

A medium size organization with a small infrastructure has all of the technical concerns of a larger organization, with the only difference being available budget for supporting their technology. With increasing use of technology within the average organization such as critical software applications, servers, security and local and wide area networking your organization requires technology support options that give you access to the expertise required to maintain these different systems. Today when it comes to technical resources it is a race for scarce IT engineers and programming talent. We are well positioned to deliver on staffing as we “eat our own dog food”. We know how to hire as we continually staff internally to deliver technical services to our clients. Our recruiters specialize in sourcing technical staff including but not limited to: IT consultants, programmers, technicians, network administrators, database administrators, project managers, software and infrastructure architects etc.

sourcing technical staff

That being said Biz Technology Solutions, Inc has developed a number of staffing options “a la cart” designed to minimize risk to your organization and provide best value for your budget.   Also, understand that you have options of hiring your own.   Following are some of pros and cons of  hiring your own or outsource:

pros and cons of hiring your own

Hiring Your Own

Pros of hiring your own:

  • Complete control of the work, and use of your internal standards and processes

Cons of hiring your own:

  • “One man or a small IT or programmers team can’t deliver expertise in everything” especially today where all is so complicated. Hiring a larger team to support your systems internally creates overhead expenses while still lacking experience and expertise to sufficiently support your entire information technology needs.
  • With small IT teams you have so much dependency on one or two staff, that can get sick or worse quit at any time taking with them valuable information. This creates a situation where all of your “eggs are in one basket” in regards to your systems.  Clearly in this technology based work environment where business continuity is a must one has to understand his options.


Pros of outsourcing:

  • Great for business continuity because you have multiple people familiar with your information technology. You have access to certified engineers that are specialized and highly skilled without the burden of high cost senior technical staff. Don’t have to worry about cost of benefits and other HR responsibilities.

Cons of outsourcing:

  • Dependency on third party. Have to do good job qualifying vendors. There maybe contracts in place.
pros and cons of outsourcing IT staffing

Flexible Staffing Options

  • 24×7×365 support
  • No vacations or sick leave
  • Lower cost of service
  • Avoid pitfalls of employee turnover
  • Reduce management burden

Why Use Our Engineers

We believe that the most important component to your success is people.  Your competitive advantage hinges on your ability to quickly assemble high performance teams who can perform at the pace of change.   Our IT staffing solutions help you secure and optimize the most strategic and variable component to success – your people.

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