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We specialize in providing expert remote and onsite IT support for small to medium sized businesses since 2001. Contact us to get the most dependable IT support for your business.

Flat-Fee and Cost-Effective IT Support

At Biz Technology Solutions, we understand that your business depends on IT and IT can be costly. You now can budget your IT rather than experiencing billing picks and valleys. This predictable flat-fee billing model allows you to consolidate all IT expenses into a single fixed set of operating expenses.

In addition, you get the benefits of a fully staffed IT department at a fraction of the cost. With this flat-fee support model your IT provider has the incentive for your infrastructure to operate flawlessly, saving you time and money.

Our IT support services include technology consulting as a result you will work with your dedicated consultant and technical account manager on strategic planning and budgeting before any technology is purchased, making sure that the Return on Investment (ROI) is always taken into consideration.

Remote And Onsite IT Support

Biz Technology Solutions provides remote and onsite IT support to companies across North Carolina and South Carolina. We provide support services for various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, finance, construction, non-profit and more.

Whether you already have an established IT support team or department, you are looking to outsource, or you are unsure, we can help. Our experienced IT support team can provide IT services custom to your needs.

Remote And Onsite IT Support

Customer Satisfaction

We guarantee customer satisfaction, and our references speak for themselves. The operational maturity of your IT support provider is important. We use process and accountability in everything we do. Process allows us to deliver consistent, predictable & measurable IT service performance. Our engineer’s compensation is tied to customer satisfaction.

Your dedicated consultant proactively reaches out to you on a scheduled basis, ensuring that you understand the state of your IT and our performance as your IT service provider.  Furthermore, can translate “IT speak” into “plain English” so you can make impactful business decisions.

Affordable and Reliable IT Support

Our IT support staff are specialized versus jack of all trades. Engineers and departments have KPIs to meet. We use metrics and business intelligence to monitor our performance and stay accountable to you. IT support staff pay is tied to Customer Satisfaction ratings.

Today’s IT landscape is more complex and requires IT support providers that specialize and be familiar with many areas of IT.  Having IT professional services, managed IT services and application development practices under one umbrella allows us to look at your company as a whole and deliver on “Complete Turnkey and Unified Solutions” that are customized to your needs.

We have Credibility in the Marketplace; for over 20 years we have performed IT support work for our direct clients and leading technology providers ’clients.  In addition, our relationship with technology providers such as Microsoft and Dell Corporation gives us access to the latest technologies and internal resources, so we can impact your business and resolve issues quickly.

Key Benefits of our IT Support Services

IT Help Desk

At our help desk, our IT experts are carefully vetted, certified, and trained to provide the support that is friendly and rapid. Your business can expect responses from professionals who have met our high standards for hiring. We can explain complicated tasks and problems in terms that are easy to understand so that you can get back to work quickly.

Increase Employee Productivity

We have unlimited IT support, proactive maintenance, and vigilant monitoring so that we can detect problems before your employees need to restore data or experience downtime. Providing employees with unlimited IT support means they won’t have to deal with technical issues or maintenance. They can focus on their critical projects instead.

Improved Security

The best way to prevent disasters is to be aware of the warning signs. Then, you’ll always have a human-backed team to protect your site, monitor traffic, and intervene if something goes wrong.

Proactive maintenance and monitoring

Regular proactive maintenance and monitoring of your systems can help you avoid expensive repairs and keep your infrastructure running smoothly. Our team helps to prevent downtimes, outages, or loss of function. As we know, you want your business to run smoothly at all times.

Is the trusted provider of IT Support Services for for small to medium sized organizations.

We are “One stop shop” for small to medium size organizations. For over 20 years, we have been providing a wide range of IT services from IT project implementation to IT support services and application development; all to help organizations reduce cost, risk and deliver on business results. We have provided services to direct clients and to large technology providers clients.

In today’s competitive and complex business landscape, organizations rely so much on Information Technology (IT).  Often business leaders find themselves frustrated with their IT.  Poorly managed IT can hold businesses back and expose them to high risk.

Organizations are looking for “Worry-Free IT” that can make a tangible difference to their business. Our focus is to take care of your total IT support or a portion of it, becoming an extension of your internal IT department; in this way, you can focus on your core business.


Leverage our services to compliment our in-house IT team.

Enterprise IT Support Services

How Enterprise IT Support Services Works?

Just as IT needs differ across industries, Enterprise IT Support Services do as well. We understand that one size does not fit all.


As a result, we have developed a support model for organizations with an internal IT department.

Enterprise IT Support Services is a Co-managed IT service for organizations that rely on an internal IT team but want to strengthen their capabilities with additional world-class IT support, tools and expertise while keeping their cost and risk low.

With this service, we become an extension of your IT department. We help you be more proactive with your IT and when your IT team needs a helping hand, we are here to make you successful.

Benefits of Enterprise IT Support Services

Organizations now realize that in order to be competitive, they have to focus on work that drives revenue, eliminates waste, and enhances customer service. Our focus is to help manage and support your IT by delivering the following benefits:

  • Reduce stress and help you focus on more strategic work
  • Introduce new tools to help you manage your IT more efficiently
  • Take on work your Internal IT team does not have time or expertise to handle
  • Help you be more proactive with your IT through monitoring and documentation of your systems
  • Reduce IT support staff burn-out
  • Ability to scale up support when you have emergencies
  • Reduce risks associated with employee turnover
  • Cut IT costs through a flat-rate, budget-able monthly fee
  • Lower business interruptions and security risks
  • Help meet your business and technology objectives using on-demand virtual CIO
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