Locky Virus: The New Version of Ransomware

Ransomeware is becoming a huge problem in the IT world. It appeared to be a normal Friday morning going into work for Pat McKissick, IT Manager at Insulating Services Inc. (ISI) in Charlotte, NC. But shortly after, a seemingly authentic email was opened containing the words “Click here for invoice,” and it turned out to be quite different.

“One of our engineers came in and said something doesn’t look right with our files. So I took a look and noticed all the extensions on our file names had been changed to LOCKY. That was a dead giveaway,” McKissock said.

McKissock then told everyone to stop what they were doing to prevent any further damage, and gave Miles Jahns, his account manager at Biz Technology Solutions,Inc. (BTS) a call. Jahns escalated the issue to Lead Managed Services Technician, Jordan Bedard who recognized it was a ransomware issue-but this particular strain was a new version.

“Ransomware works like an infection. It will install itself on your network and infect and encrypt all the files it can making them inaccessible. It is ransomware, so you pay them [the untraced responsible party] and then they will unlock your files after a payment of a specified amount,”said Bedard.

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