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Managed Application Services

Organizations want to increase efficiency and reduce risk while meeting business goals. Furthermore, they want to lower the cost of digital transformation and support of mission-critical business applications without sacrificing quality.

Why Managed Application Services?

Today’s business landscape is more complex and requires digital transformation to remain competitive, improve client satisfaction, enterprise performance and profits.

Digital transformation can involve software development, ERP system implementation, re-engineering processes, creating new systems, implementing new IT infrastructure, migrating to the cloud, implementing automation solutions and much more.

Unfortunately, often due to “poor IT management” the ultimate goal of digital transformation alone is short lived. Solutions that are poorly supported or maintained are quickly abandoned by end-users; making your investment a complete waste of money and time. “Poor IT management” is often the result of employee turnover, lack of expertise, an absence of operational maturity, inadequate tools, the wrong type of strategy, insufficient budget, or ability to scale etc.

Hence the need to outsource to experts and adopt BTS Managed Application Services (MAS), making us an extension of your IT department.

Managed Application Services (MAS) provides digital transformation, including a wide variety of application services, processes and methodologies, developing, maintaining, supporting, documenting, 24/7/365 monitoring, enhancing and managing custom or packaged software applications. A packaged software application can be any “off the shelf software” such as ERP ( i.e. SAP Business One) or productivity, and collaboration solutions from the Microsoft stack (Microsoft Power BI, SharePoint, Business Central etc.). MAS ensures your critical applications, and the IT environment is stable, secure and always performs optimally.

As your managed IT services provider, we continuously monitor your systems 24/7/365 to ensure technical issues are handled proactively before they become catastrophic failures.

Application Client Success Process

Our proprietary Client Success Process guarantees delivery of robust, secure, and scalable software solutions to meet your business goals. In addition, this process helps keep projects on-schedule and within budget.

Why Choose us?

Partnering with BTS will provide the support you need to take your business to the next level. Managed application services (MAS) is cost effective, budgeable and guarantee customer satisfaction; our references speak for themselves.
The operational maturity of your MAS provider is critical. We use process and accountability in everything we do. Process allows us to deliver consistent, predictable & measurable services performance. Our engineers’ and consultants’ compensation are tied to customer satisfaction.

Today’s IT landscape is more complex and requires an IT partner that specializes and is familiar with many areas of IT. Having IT consulting, IT professional services, managed IT services and application development practices all under one umbrella allows us to look at your company as a whole and deliver on “Complete Turnkey and Unified Solutions”. These solutions are customized to your needs. With BTS you get a whole software development and support department at the fraction of the cost. In this way, you can focus on running your business, not IT.

We have been providing managed application services to small and mid-size organizations since 2021.

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