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IT360 Managed IT Services

In today’s competitive and complex business landscape, organizations rely so much on Information Technology (IT).  Due to lack of IT understanding and poor IT management many business leaders are frustrated with their IT.  These factors hold businesses back and exposes them to high risk.

Organizations are looking for “Worry-Free IT”; Information Technology that is cost-effective, lowers risk and help deliver on business results. Our focus is to take care of your total IT support or a portion of it, becoming an extension of your internal IT department; in this way, you can focus on your core business.

IT360 is a comprehensive Managed IT Service that delivers all the necessary functions to keep your infrastructure robust and secure while helping your end-users be more productive. We have a disciplined and proven “Client Success Process” that delivers the results you are looking for.   We guarantee customer satisfaction; our average CSAT is over 97% and our clients can attest to that.

We currently support a number of organizations in North Carolina and South Carolina including in the following areas:  Charlotte, Greensboro, Asheville, Winston-Salem, Raleigh, and Columbia.

Why IT360 Managed IT Services?

IT360 Managed IT Services is a comprehensive offering designed to support business day to day operational needs and growth.  IT360 provides many benefits including but not limited to:

How IT360 Managed IT Services Works

Often, organizations are frustrated with their IT and are not sure what to do.  Unfortunately, they focus on symptomatic issues instead of the root cause of the problem – “Poor IT Management”.     Many IT providers claim to deliver excellence because they are proactive, have great technicians, or tools. The truth of the matter is delivering on the promise of Worry-free IT has a lot to do with Operational Maturity Level, specifically Accountability, Standards, and Process.    Our “Client Success Process” is built on these same principles.   Biz Technology Solutions, Inc. guides our clients through our defined and disciplined “Client Success Process” which allows you to have confidence in your technology success strategy. The process comprises 4 phases:

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“Most IT providers including internal IT staff

are focused on day to day tactical IT activities – the stuff that is visible

to the end-users. Unfortunately, not enough time is

invested on the strategic part of IT that helps deliver Worry-Free IT.”

– Mike Chouffani, President

Some IT360 Managed IT Services Features

Five service delivery teams work hand in hand in providing the services below. Each team has a specific role and a set of goals and metrics to meet:


Our Office Locations for Managed IT Services


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