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Managed IT Services

Biz Technology Solutions specializes in providing industry-leading managed IT services in the south-east including Charlotte, Greensboro, Winston-Salem areas and more. Our clients appreciate the fact that we can solve complex technical problems and guarantee our services.

Comprehensive and In-depth Managed IT Services

Biz Technology Solutions, Inc. partners with businesses to manage, support and streamline their IT needs. We can be your IT department, co-manage your IT, or create solutions so you can focus on growing your business.


We continually align your technology to IT standards and best IT practices to keep your infrastructure secure and operating optimally. Transform your business into a Digital Workplace by introducing cost-effective technologies to help you optimize your business, drive collaboration, and increase employee productivity.

We are your best bet for the most reliable managed IT services provider in the Charlotte and Greensboro areas. We treat your business goals such as customer retention, growth and profitability as our own and determine the best possible technical solutions under all circumstances. We offer comprehensive assistance that makes lives easier for your employees and enables them to carry out their work uninterrupted.

As your managed IT services provider, we continuously monitor your systems 24/7/365 to ensure technical issues are handled proactively before they become catastrophic failures.

Managed IT Services For SMBs

In today’s competitive and complex business landscape organizations rely so much on IT.  As a result, organizations want a support model that delivers “Worry-Free IT”. They also want a technology partner that can help them develop strategies and solutions to help meet their business goals. Organizations want reliable, streamlined, secure and value driven IT that supports stability and growth.

Poorly managed IT exposes small to mid-sized businesses to high risk, loss of profits and potentially loss of clients. Information Technology is supposed to help streamline, protect, and enhance the business and make your life easier not harder!

Today’s businesses require a more proactive and strategic approach to IT; hence the need for our IT360 Managed IT services. IT360 is a comprehensive suite of IT services, that encompasses consulting, project implementation, support, network monitoring, network administration, security, proactive maintenance, cloud services, training and more. We become your fully staffed IT department; we handle all your IT so you can focus on running your business.

Managed IT Services For Businesses of All Size

Managed IT Services Client Success Process

Our proprietary Client Success Process is used to transition your business to our IT support services effortlessly. Biz Tech guides clients through our defined and disciplined Client Success Process which allows you to have confidence in your technology success strategy.


Why Biz Tech for Managed IT Services

Often organizations are frustrated with their IT and not sure what to do. Unfortunately, they focus on symptomatic issues instead of the root cause of the problem - "Poor IT Management".

The truth of the matter is delivering on the promise of “Worry-Free IT” has a lot to do with the Operational Maturity Level of your managed IT services provider. Our “Client Success Process” works because it is based on the following principles.

Why Biz Tech for Managed IT Services

Quick Response

When it comes to your infrastructure and end-users; time is of the essence and “time is money”. Computer and network issues impact productivity and frustrate your staff because they can’t do their job. Our processes guarantee consistent, predictable and measurable service performance. In this way, you are not left to guess response time or the status of your issues.

Improved Efficiency

We recognize that IT can be a waste of money if it is not applied properly. As a result, as part of IT360 Managed IT Services you benefit from scheduled quarterly consulting sessions where your dedicated consultant acts as your CIO. During these strategic sessions we interview executives in various job roles and come up with cost-effective solutions to align your technology to your business goals. These sessions include education about new technologies that can enhance efficiency and business functions.

Reduced Downtime

Reducing downtime is all about planning and strategy. Your dedicated consultant will meet with you on a regular basis to develop the best strategy to protect your IT infrastructure. Your consultant will take into consideration security, backup and disaster recovery, network documentation, system maintenance, and training when creating your strategy.

We use proven standards and industry best practices to keep your systems reliable and performing. Quick response time is important but applying standards, IT best practices and monitoring your environment is just as important to prevent things from breaking in the first place.

Effective Budgeting

At Biz Technology Solutions, we understand that your business depends on IT and IT can be costly. You now can budget your IT rather than experiencing billing peaks and valleys. Our predictable flat-fee billing model allows you to consolidate all IT expenses into a single fixed set of monthly operating expenses.

In addition, you get the benefits of a fully staffed IT department with experts at a fraction of the cost. With this flat-fee support model your IT provider has the incentive for your infrastructure to operate flawlessly, saving you time and money.

Our IT support services include technology consulting. As a result, you will work with your dedicated consultant and Technical Account Manager on strategic planning and budgeting before any technology is purchased, making sure that the Return on Investment (ROI) is always taken into consideration.

Service Delivery Teams Dedicated to Your Business

Five service delivery teams work hand in hand in providing IT support services below. Each team has a specific role, set of goals, and metrics to meet.
Our IT support staff are specialized versus jack of all trades. Engineers and teams have KPIs to meet. We use metrics and business intelligence to monitor our performance and stay accountable to you. IT support staff pay is tied to customer satisfaction ratings.

Meeting the Highest Standards

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