Manufacturer Outgrows Trusted IT Provider

When a plastics manufacturer outgrew their long-time IT provider, they trusted Biz Technology Solutions to deliver the best solution that would scale with their growing needs.

Plastics Products experienced considerable growth in their business, and their IT infrastructure was struggling to support the increase in volume and demand. The server was having problems with email functionality, and system response time resulting in delays and creating downtime. As Melissa Clark, Operations Manager, for Plastic Products described it,“We were outgrowing the capabilities of our existing IT provider, and our business depends on our systems running effectively. We cannot afford to have down time.”

Plastic Products was hesitant at first to switch IT service providers. They liked dealing with a small IT provider for their break and fix needs. The technician was able to serve them quickly, and had become like an extension of their team. Melissa and her team knew they needed to transition to an IT solution provider with more depth and breadth of knowledge and capacity,but they didn’t want to sacrifice the personal and custom support they had grown to expect.

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