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With increase in remote work, the need for better collaboration and task management tools becomes a necessity. Microsoft Planner is an organization and collaboration tool that breaks down project tasks for individuals and groups within your organization. Planner makes it easy for your team to create new plans, collaborate on tasks, track progress and produce results.

Getting Started With Microsoft Planner

From the Microsoft 365 menu, select the Planner app icon:

Next, name your plan and click the Create Plan button.

You will notice a navigation with three pages: Board, Charts, and Schedule. By default, your main page/board will look something like this:

Creating Tasks in Microsoft Planner

Now that a “Plan” has been developed, you can begin to create and assign tasks to members of your team.

To get started, click the Add Task button.

Each task allows you to update the following:

  • Task name
  • Assigned individual users
  • Assigned bucket
  • Task status
  • Start date and due date
  • Task description
  • Checklist
  • Files and attachments
  • Task comments

Organizing Tasks into Buckets

To get started, click the Add new bucket link and name the bucket.

You can then click the plus icon to begin adding tasks to the new bucket.

Track Progress Using Charts in Microsoft Planner

First, select the Charts tab.

This page gives you a status overview of your plan and the associated tasks.

Manage Schedule of Your Tasks

This view gives you a quick overview of which tasks are due by week or month. From this view, you can also create new tasks using the right hand panel.

Teamwork Tips for Microsoft Planner

  • Set realistic deadlines. If task deadlines are not realistic, they are likely to be missed.
  • Check on the progress of tasks regularly. By checking in with team members on scheduled tasks, you are likely to keep the project on track.
  • Utilize checklists on the task cards. Checklists are ideal for smaller tasks that are likely to be overlooked.
  • Attach helpful links and documents to the task cards to centralize related information and resources for your team.

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