Microsoft SharePoint Implementation

Before SharePoint, many manufacturing companies found themselves relying on emails in order to communicate, share digital content and collaborate. While the overall process was digital, it came with many inefficiencies and was burdensome for many across the different business units.

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, textile manufacturing company American Truetzschler was using Outlook emails to communicate internally amongst its 140 employees. With service technicians out in the field operating different pieces of equipment, there was a huge disconnect that would often cause major issues in projects, or employees and managers simply wouldn’t know where a project stood.

IT Director Mary Martin says there simply was no easy way to collaborate on projects. “Email was used extensively which caused a lot of disconnect in the communication and problems with projects because the wrong drawings would be used. It was difficult for people to keep up with latest emails and often times they were just missed.”

Adding to the lapse in communication, there was no visibility into issues that were being reported by the service technicians. Once an issue was reported, or emailed, no one was sure what the status was after that point. The executives knew something had to be done to help the company communicate in a more efficient and organized manner. With the help of Biz Technology Solutions, Inc. (BTS), American Trueztzchler began the implementation of enterprise content management system (ECM) Microsoft SharePoint in April of 2014.

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