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Mixed Reality for Healthcare

Are you looking to step up your healthcare service? With the latest technology, you can offer a new reality for healthcare.

What Is Microsoft Mixed Reality for Healthcare?

Microsoft Mixed Reality is Microsoft's version of virtual reality—a headset that immerses patients and healthcare staff in a virtual world to improve care.

Microsoft Mixed Reality is part of the latest Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 operating systems. It provides augmented reality through head-mounted displays and motion controls. Blend the physical and digital worlds together to enhance patient treatment and unlock natural and intuitive human, computer, and environmental interactions.

Virtual realities can simulate health conditions for patient conditions, such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease, or a migraine headache. Doctors and patients can receive a better understanding of the ailment for a more comfortable, engaging experience throughout the healthcare setting.

How Can Microsoft’s Mixed Reality for Healthcare Enhance Patient Treatment?

Microsoft's Mixed Reality for healthcare can enhance patient treatment throughout the industry. Save money and time by reducing training by 30% without sacrificing performance, saving an average of $63 per hour.

In addition, you’ll improve efficiency throughout the workplace, saving $41 per hour per ward round.

With the recent global pandemic, hygiene and social distancing are at the top of everyone’s mind. With augmented reality, you can reduce unnecessary patient encounters and reduce annual PPE costs by 75%, saving $954 per employee.


Mixed Reality Healthcare Advantage

So, why should you integrate Microsoft’s Mixed Reality with your healthcare business? The Mixed Reality healthcare advantage will take your patient care to the next level.

Empower Health Team Collaboration

Your team can work together from anywhere. Save time and money on transport and rent by seeing the patients in their own homes, from your own home. With Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, your teams can instantly collaborate in real-time to receive advice from expert colleagues and access medical notes and X-rays.

You can also collaborate with global experts for surgical planning to share anonymized patient data on a highly-secure platform. Provide your patients with the best care available with ApoQlar VSI HoloMedicine.

Finally, introduce 3D modeling into your healthcare practice. With Synergiz Harbor, professionals can collaborate, visualize, and interact with 3D models to provide better practices between physicians and clinicians.

Mixed Reality facilitates:

  • Dynamics 365 Remote Assist
  • ApoQlar VSI HoloMedicine
  • Synergiz Harbor

Improve Clinical Operations

Improve patient care and training throughout your organization with self-guided instructions and on-the-job guidance. HoloLens 2 provides dynamic interactions and collaboration between clinicians to provide the best possible care. You don’t need subject matter experts on hand at all times; with simulated, holographic step-by-step instructions, clinicians can learn on-the-job.

Moreover, you don’t need to squint at screens anymore. Transform medical images into 3D holograms to gain a better perspective of anatomy and pathology for better diagnoses and surgical planning.

Learn better. With an augmented 3D learning application, medical students can quickly assess, diagnose, and treat real-world conditions in a safe, protected environment. With true-to-life holographic simulations of standardized patient scenarios, you can take training to the next level without risk to the patient.

Mixed Reality facilitates:     

  • Dynamics 365 Guides
  • ApoQlar VSI HoloMedicine
  • GigXR HoloPatient

Enhance Patient Engagement

Virtual Surgery Intelligence for HoloLens 2 can improve patient comfort and understanding. You can engage and educate your patients with a virtual walk-through of their unique anatomy with a 3D model. Talk them through their upcoming procedure using VSI HoloMedicine to enhance patient engagement and comfort.

Make medical procedures simple and safe for patients and clinicians with Microsoft’s Mixed Reality for Healthcare.

Medical experts throughout the field already employ the latest technology to enhance their patient care. Speak to BTS about how you can up your game with Microsoft’s Mixed Reality for Healthcare.

Mixed Reality facilitates:

  • ApoQlar VSI HoloMedicine

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