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I just wanted to say that Miles Jahns and John Perez did an outstanding job the past several days in installing the equipment and setting up our new Telemedicine system. Their knowledge and professionalism are second to none and they made the installation and setup hassle free. You couldn’t have two better representatives for Biz Technology Solutions.

Across the board the onsite and the offsite services were exceptional and I couldn’t be more pleased.

The customer service that I have received with this purchase and installation will ensure that in the future Biz Technology Solutions will be first on my list of vendors to call. – Blue Ridge Medical Center

Blue Ridge Medical Center

Solutions and projects:Biz Technology Solutions developed an Insurance claim processing system application that enables Chiropractic offices from North and South Carolina to submit claims electronically. The next product which is currently in development is a CRM tool that tracks Patient claims, reimbursements, credentialing, and several components which are key to the company. Our solution processes over 2 million claims a year. – Health Network Solutions

Support: Support of Web Portal for Insurance Claims in Java/Accounting Package for Provider payments in .net/SQL/Access VBA/Document Management System with OCR/Web Sites/ etc…

Health Network Solutions

BTS has been our IT co since 2002. They recently lead us through a seamless conversion and major upgrade. The entire staff at BTS is responsive, knowledgeable and friendly. We especially appreciate being able to build a relationship with a tech who gets to know our practice and is proactive to our needs. – Davidson Family Medicine

Davidson Family Medicine

Initially, we had an internal IT engineer that was stretched very thin across our multiple office locations. Biz Technology Solutions has remedied our IT headaches. They have the ability and experience to catch problems before they occur and to quickly resolve issues when they happen. They have always responded to every issue very quickly and professionally. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and very pleasant to work with. Periodically we meet and review our system and they make suggestions for upgrades, configurations, and etc. which is very helpful in budgeting future needs. – First Choice Community Health Center

First Choice Community Health Center

Infrastructure/Project: This client hired Biz Technology Solutions to provide consulting and project management services for the implementation of their new PMS/EMR. Biz Technology Solutions, Inc. was able to save the practice from day one over $3,000.00 by providing technical expertise for their conversion of one Practice Management Software to another. In addition, BTS team has assisted with the interfacing and coordinating with other vendors to ensure that the Go Live date was smooth and did not have any technical problems. We continue to provide support for the client and assist with the day-to-day integration/interfacing and staff needs. – Guilford Medical Associates

Support: Support of LabDAQ/DEXA/GE/Analytics /Scheduling/PhoneTree/etc.

Guilford Medical Associates

Biz Technology Solutions has facilitated the recovery and capture of mission critical information following a server issue. This saved us incalculable hours and revenue. Lee and Ian are proficient, resourceful and dedicated to getting the job done. Lee has been a great help every step of the way. Each call is handled in a manner that is helpful, straight-forward and timely. Jason has presented proposals to assure that record keeping is easier, more efficient and less costly. – Iredell Nephrology Center

Iredell Nephrology Center

I was extremely pleased with both the pricing and service your company and staff provided. The service was tailored to my specific needs by professionals that I had total confidence in. Everyone at BizTech took the time to explain complicated networking and software issues in layman’s terms. I highly recommend BizTech. – Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates

Jordan did an excellent job assisting with our Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 migration. It was nice to have someone as knowledgeable as Jordan to tackle this type of project with. I would definitely work with Biz Technology Solutions in the future. Thank you! – Sykes & Company

Sykes & Company

We were in need IT professional services for our mid-size international manufacturing business headquartered in North Carolina. We were looking to implement IT solutions which represented a significant shift in our IT program. BizTech listened to our needs, presented us with multiple options to meet those needs, and then guided us through the implementation. It was a very efficient process. – Interflex Group

Interflex Group

Solutions and projects: With the implementation of “Red Flag” Rules which require health organizations to develop identity theft prevention measures and programs, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital looked to BTS to use one of its applications. PalmIdentify is a product which works with Palm scanners to register / check-in Patients during their admission to the hospital. In addition, BTS is currently developing a solution that eliminates the paper check-in forms through the use of digital signature pads. – Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital

Support: Support of Thick windows application in .NET (C#)/ SQL/ Palm Scanner SDK/ electronic signature Pad SDK/etc…

Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital

Piedmont Cardiology group purchased a new EMR package, and was looking for a way to scan all their paper charts prior to using the EMR efficiently. BTS has been able to modify a version of its own Hybrid Document management system, and provide an application that automated the capture of data (scanned Data, and electronic data from devices) using barcode technology, and enabled the practice to reduce the labor hours needed to scan all charts in. – Piedmont Cardiology

Support: Support of Thick windows application in .NET (C#)/ SQL/ Mirth OpenSource Interface engines/ Transcription download application/ Provider Check-in Dashboard /etc…

Piedmont Cardiology

Over the past years, our company has had several new servers installed with each installation causing down time and then user access problems for days after the install. Biz Technology Solutions implemented a new server implementation for us with no downtime and no end user problems at all. The transition was seamless. – Homecare Corporation Management

Homecare Corporation Management

Infrastructure/Project: For the last year and a half, CAAC has been receiving IT support for all its locations throughout the Carolinas from BTS. With the Embedded Engineer model, CAAC not only gets a full time embedded IT engineer who is supported and Managed by BTS team, but also project and vendor management as part of their support package. This reduced CAAC’s IT costs wile reducing resolution time of several issues. BTS has also introduced several healthcare specific solutions to the group. – Carolina Asthma and Allergy Center

Support: Support of Exchange/PhoneTree/CISCO VoIP/MegaWest/Endoscopy devices/etc…

Carolina Asthma and Allergy Center

Biz Technology has been an invaluable IT partner for Catawba Women’s Center. From designing our network almost 4 years ago to helping with day-to-day support issues as well as customizing solutions that exactly meet our needs all along the way, they have been very responsive and efficient. I can always rely on their team to take my calls and requests very seriously. Steven is the best!! – Catawba Women’s Center

Catawba Women's Center

Although Biz Technology Solutions officially came on board with CCS in March 2010, we had more than a year of experience working with their design/software team as we updated and upgraded our website. Our favorable experiences during construction of our website greatly influenced our decision to engage Biz Tech for CCS’s overall IT consultation, maintenance and monitoring of our network. The unique and defining characteristic that sets Biz Tech apart from other IT consulting firms, is the quality of their customer service and the depth and scope of expertise of the ‘Biz Tech’ team! This is a company that ‘does the right things -right!’ As we start the task of selecting and implementing an EMR, I know I can rely on BizTechnology Solutions to be a partner during this daunting task. – Central Carolina Surgery

Central Carolina Surgery

Biz-Tech has well exceeded our expectations for our VDI project. The wealth of knowledge their technicians offer is amazing and makes the entire process that much more enjoyable. – Alexander Youth Network

Alexander Youth Network

We found the BizTech professionals to be extremely professional and easy to work with. Their knowledge base and ability to keep us on track under a short project time requirement were invaluable. I’d recommend them to anyone. – Goldsboro Pediatrics

Goldsboro Pediatrics

Biz Technology consistently gives me the support to manage my departments with more efficient resources. Being with limited internal resources at time Biz Technology allows me to leverage the expertise of a vast IT support system who proactively approaches our business. – Carolina Beer and Beverage

Carolina Beer and Beverage

Biz Technology Solutions has been an awesome partner in our Microsoft SharePoint 2010 enterprise deployment. Their knowledge and expertise in this space has been a tremendous asset for our rapid deployment of the SharePoint technology throughout all of our strategic business lines. Reda and his team continue to exceed our expectations to do whatever it takes to deliver solutions that offer tremendous value and competitive advantage to our businesses. Their commitment, integrity and customer focus is best in class. – Kinemax Engineering PLLC

Kinemax Engineering PLLC

Solutions and projects: A web portal has been developed for this client to capture electronic payments of patients online. This billing portal is being utilized by a local hospitals including Moses Cones and Greensboro Pathology to name few. The system also enables patients to view their statements and also allows them to create and manage payment plans for their accounts. The application was designed from the ground up using Microsoft’s latest development tools. It is classified as an enterprise solution as it is scalable, fault tolerant, and currently processes over $100,000 in its first month of production. – Acryness

Support: Support of Web Portal for Insurance Claims in C# /SQL/ electronic document archiving/eBill delivery system/ Online Bill Organizer / etc…


Infrastructure/Project: With 4 locations, and busy surgical schedules, this group was looking for someone that understands their environment’s complexity. BTS was selected after the administrator evaluated several competitors from Charlotte. With our healthcare technology knowledge, we were able to introduce solutions that help the practice tremendously in their daily workflow. We provide this client with solutions ranges from RFID employee tags and maintenance of their SharePoint application to their day-to-day needs. – University Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Support: Support of EMR Selection/ Exchange/VMWare/WinOMS /SharePoint /RFID /Dolphin/etc.

University Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Infrastructure/Project: This is an orthopedics office with high volume patients. They are using an EMR product, and have been a client of Biz Technology Solutions for over 6 years. We support their servers, imaging system, and network. – Perry Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Support: Support of PMSI EMR/MedView PACS/Digital X-Ray/Clearing House and Claims/ Dictation with Dragon/etc.

Perry Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Having Biz Tech handle all of our IT issues and innovations has been the very best decision that has been made for our practice. We have wonderful communication and quick responses and resolutions to our concerns. The entire staff has been easy to work with and they don’t create excuses…. they fix things and anticipate our needs. When we need them, they are only an email or phone call away. – Central Carolina Surgery

Central Carolina Surgery

Several years ago we were introduced to Biz Technology Solutions because we were having so many problems with our computer and telephone. We had a phone vendor that was handling our phone and IT for us but something was just not connecting. I just did not know where to turn and then I was introduced to Biz Technology Solutions. The very first day it seemed we had know them forever they listened to our concerns and knew right away what needed to happen. It was done – they have been our preferred IT group ever since. When Lee came through the door, I thought what is Medical Manager doing here, and he told me the story of how he came to work for Biz Technology Solutions and I knew then it was a great thing, we had IT and Medical Manager, we were set. The staff at Biz Technology Solutions has all been great to work with, and since they started the call center it is even better. It seemed like we had a problem every day, since they have been working on our technology we don’t have to c all them so much, it saves us time and money. I can’t say enough good things about them. I have no problem recommending them to any business, big or small. All the staff are just great to work with, we just love them. – RoMedical Care

RoMedical Care

Biz Technology Solutions offered the perfect fit of ability and price for my organization when I was searching for help with a Microsoft AD migration. The intial consultation and discussion of the project were well thought out and documented. The implimentation went very smoothly and according to our agreed upon course of action. The consultant while onsite offered several solutions to my staff for small issues that had been occuring with our network. Overall I’m well pleased with this project and will look to Biz Tech again for future needs. – Palmetto State Bank

Palmetto State Bank