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Do you still have an old Windows Server 2012 and have been dragging your feet on getting it upgraded? Well, if you needed a sign, this is it! IT IS TIME TO UPGRADE! End of Life deadline for Windows Server 2012 is October 10, 2023. A lot of you may be saying, Ok what’s the big deal? Why do I need to upgrade if my server is working just fine. While the server may be working, there are many security issues that arise once the server is past its End of Life cycle. For Windows 2012 specifically, after October 10, 2023, these products will “no longer receive security updates, non-security updates, bug fixes, technical support, or online technical content updates.” (Microsoft) On top of that, depending on the industry you are in if your servers are not under warranty and receiving patches anymore it could cause you to be non-compliant.

While this deadline is fast approaching, taking the necessary steps now will prevent you from having issues in the future. Especially if a vendor must get involved. There is more than likely going to be a little bit of a wait time to migrate your data since so many people are going to have to migrate off of 2012. Making sure your IT department or IT provider stays on top of this is critical.

Next Steps

Whether you have Internal IT or use an IT provider, you will want to make sure you have a solution and plan in place to upgrade to a newer Operating System (OS). If you have a virtual environment it is probably just as simple as building a brand new server, installing the new Operating system and migrating the data over onto the new OS. A similar process would also be in place if you were working in Azure and migrating data over.

If you are a company that has a physical server on premise then the process of upgrading to a new OS is a little more complicated. If this is you, then you will want to make sure to give yourself ample time to transition over to a new OS. You don’t want to wait until right before the cut off and then start having issues once the deadline has passed.

We Can Help!

Making sure you have a solid team in place to help make this transition happen is important. That is where we come in! Biz Technology Solutions is a managed service provider that provide managed IT services to help streamline your IT and take the headache of the day-to-day IT needs off your plate. As a managed service client, you will have a Technical Account Manager that will help you with this transition, making it as smooth as possible for you and your business. Click the link to learn more about our managed IT services:

Managed IT Services | Biz Technology Solutions

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