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All hackers need is for a single user to take the bait off their phishing scam hook. Cyber-criminals are constantly crafting new methods to steal data and compromise security. Phishing scams are one of the most damaging of these methods, and they depend on human error. Clicking a malicious link or opening a bad attachment is all it takes to let a hacker into your system. This will cost your organization thousands of dollars, diminish productivity, and could even spell the end of your organization. Malware infection compromised accounts, and loss of data are serious phishing consequences with costly solutions.

An organization’s best defense against phishing is trained and knowledgeable employees.

When users have been trained to react to a phishing scam, they are far more likely to correctly respond to an attack, minimizing organizational risk.

Biz Tech offers complimentary staff phishing training, as well as a simulated phishing scam so that you know exactly which employees would take the bait and compromise your entire organization.

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