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SAP Business One ERP

Biz Technology Solutions, Inc specializes in providing end-to-end SAP Business One ERP implementation, customization and support services to increase business efficiency, reduce risk and meet business goals.

What is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One represents a new breed of business software that is specifically designed to meet today‘s small and midsize business needs and challenges.

It completely removes the needs and problems associated with having disconnected business processes or systems.

SAP Business One is a business management solution designed for small and midsize businesses. It stores all critical business information in one database so you can instantly access what you need without having to get information from different systems that often do not agree with each other.

It integrates and streamlines all business functions across sales, marketing, customers, financials and operations, all in a single system so your business operates seamlessly.

SAP Business One Versions


SAP Business One on the MS SQL Server Database


SAP Business One, analytics for SAP HANA


SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA


SAP Business One Cloud

SAP Business One ERP

SAP Business One ERP runs on a SQL server database. The SAP Business One client connects each user to the SAP Business One server. All transactions will be done through the SQL server.

Analytics for SAP HANA

If you need more analytical power, you can run SAP Business One analytics on SAP HANA – which combines a system running on the SQL server database with an analytics server running on the SAP HANA in-memory database.

SAP Business One HANA

SAP Business One HANA is an in-memory data platform that is deployable as an on-premise appliance, or in the cloud. It is a revolutionary platform that’s best suited for performing real-time analytics, developing and deploying real-time applications in a multiple simultaneous transactions heavy workload environment.

At the core of this real-time data platform is the SAP HANA database which is fundamentally different than any other database engine in the market today

SAP Business One ERP Cloud

SAP Business One Cloud provides businesses of all different sizes the software solution to manage all their important business processes in a cloud-based offering. Receiving the software as a service (SaaS) you pay a subscription fee per user, and SAP partners take care of the rest.


Business Challenges

  • Improve access to critical and general business information that can support decisions to manage your business
  • Eliminate duplicate data entries, errors, and delays
  • Manage IT infrastructure with minimal investment
  • Free up cash spent on acquiring hardware and software traditionally needed for on premise installations of ERP
  • Improve overall scalability of the system

Improve overall scalability of the system

SAP Hosting Services

Biz Tech offers world class SAP hosting services such as Microsoft’s Azure cloud and Amazon AWS.

With our team of highly experienced SAP consultants working with our IT engineers, we are able to deliver to our SAP clients top Partner in Hosting, Cloud Computing and Mobile solutions.

We offer world-class SAP outsourcing services for managing, hosting and maintaining your critical applications. With a large percentage of our global clients running SAP – we have an extensive portfolio that offers insight and expertise for your company.

SAP-certified in hosting and cloud services, we provide expert resources and solutions for our clients including:

  • Highly experienced SAP Consultants and Basis Teams
  • Expert management of SAP upgrades, implementations, maintenance and support
  • Proven methodologies and processes to reduce complexity and optimize performance
  • Risk mitigation and comprehensive compliance requirements including SOX, FISMA, ITAR, HIPAA, etc.
  • State-of-the-art data centers with world-class security
  • Scalable solutions that grow with your business, so you only pay for what you need

ERP Consulting Services


Strategic Consulting Services

Focus on companies’ growth.


Data Management Services

Providing meaningful insights to your business through data.


Account Services

Dedicated Account Managers to focus on your specific needs.


Manufacturing Consulting Services

In-Depth Market Expertise.


Analytics & Reporting

Informed Decision making.

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