Service Level Agreement Helps Growing Business

Specializing in Orthopedic care, Carolina Bone and Joint (CBJ) has four locations spanning the Charlotte, NC region in order to better serve their customers. As with any growing business, CBJ employed a full-time Information technology manager to conduct their standard daily IT needs, but when it came time to switch over to a new electronic medical records system (EMR) they realized they needed more help than they previously thought and they knew they needed a service level agreement.

“In all fairness, we had four different locations and one IT manager, so there were already some logistics issues there. Our technology wasn’t very stable at all, and we realized as we looked into upgrading to a new EMR, our IT manager at the time just wasn’t as savvy as we needed him to be,” said Sandra Maxwell, Office Manager at CBJ, “as a whole productivity-wise, we were just down.”

Jason Harwell, Director of Software Development at Biz Technology Solutions, Inc. (BTS) says it’s often times difficult for a single IT manager to keep up with today’s every-changing technology.

“IT is just one of those different departments. When you have a single IT manager, you depend on that one person’s expertise instead of research that can be conducted by an entire IT team. As an office manager you don’t really know if the decisions that one person is making is necessarily the right thing to do. It’s more of having to give them complete trust. Before working full-time with CBJ, we saw some things on the back-end that could be done better with some adjustments,” said Harwell.

After working with BTS on a few software and consulting projects, Maxwell began to look to BTS on more than just a project bases. When she realized her current IT manager wasn’t able to handle the onset of the new software upgrade, they began to work with BTS on the IT services side.

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