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The sales and marketing department is crucial to every organization. Unfortunately, it also happens to be one of the most difficult and chaotic divisions to streamline. With so many employees constantly on the go, easy access and automation are key for success.

SharePoint can help improve processes so that the sales team can focus on generating revenue instead of dealing with issues in the process.

Here’s how you can utilize SharePoint within your sales and marketing department:

    1. Build a marketing material library. Employees can easily access and update files like sales presentations, logos and sell sheets. Plus, administrators can set files to offline so that they don’t need to VPN or be at the office to download them. The marketing department can provide instructions for use on documents so that it complies with the brand and is used effectively to make the sale.
    2. Streamline the proposal and contract approval process. With workflows, multiple departments can make approvals and edits on files. This improves communication and speeds up the process making both employees and clients happier. Use electronic signature apps that integrate with Sharepoint so vendors and customers can easily sign documents.
    3. Utilize the master marketing calendar. This SharePoint feature syncs with calendars and tasks in Outlook. It also helps communicate events, to-dos and deadlines with multiple departments and employees. Now, everyone can be on the same page.
    4. Integrate SharePoint with Salesforce. By fusing the two programs, it increases productivity. It also stops employees from wasting time toggling back and forth between the two applications.

Implementing the four tips above can help any sales and marketing department increase efficiency, eliminate employee errors and ultimately, generate more revenue.

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