Skype for Business Helps Growing Company Expand

Microsoft’s Skype for Business is everything needed for business communication in one application; instant messaging, meetings, audio, and video calls.

Support Solutions prides itself on training and delivering a support system to individuals with specialized diagnoses. Their patients require particular mental health and specialized training services, so communication is key for the company. Originally founded in August 2005 in Memphis, Tennessee, Support Solutions soon found success and began expanding. By 2012, the company had locations throughout the Tennessee area, into Arkansas, Georgia and North Carolina.

Things were going well for Support Solutions. They were able to grow their client base and reach more people needing developmental and health services,but they were still stuck communicating through an old analog phone system. On top of that, their internal communications were not HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant since their phone system didn’t allow for confidential meetings. Support Solutions knew that in order to keep up with the growing demands of their patients and to stay on top of the latest technological advances, they needed to make some changes-and quick.

Enter Skype for Business. A Microsoft product, Skype for Business is everything needed for communication all in one application.There’s instant messaging, audio and video calls,complete with online meeting space and screen sharing capabilities. If you have a business where outside communication is key,you can easily schedule online meetings through Microsoft Outlook, and you have the ability to see the contact card of everyone participating in the meeting. Need to quickly add someone else to the call? No problem-with the push of a button you can add anyone in to the call instantly.

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