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Your Data is Your Business

If you deal with sales, clients, inventory, accounting, e-commerce, marketing, reporting or just about any other critical area, you are using your company’s most valuable asset, your data.  Because your data is critical to your business it needs oversight, maintenance and care.

Is Your Data at Risk?

  • Is your data being monitored constantly for corruption, errors, or signs of impending issues that can impact your system performance?
  • Are you backing up your data at the proper frequency, and more importantly, are you periodically testing those data backups?
  • Are you running daily maintenance to keep your data optimized and running as fast as possible?
  • Is your data being regularly patched and monitored for vulnerabilities and security concerns?
  • Do you have a trained and experienced DBA looking over your data systems?

If the answer is “no” or you’re unsure, then we’d like to give you a complimentary SQL Health Check.

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