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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past two years then hearing the words supply chain is almost like hearing nails on a chalkboard. Since the pandemic, companies and consumers have been feeling the effects of many different supply chain issues across world. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight with the labor and equipment shortages we are dealing with as well. This has created problems for companies because they haven’t been able to service their customers like they normally would. Delays in shipping can make for unhappy customers. Not only that, but these issues can also disrupt the ability to run your company efficiently.

Let’s discuss what you can do to help keep the supply chain from impacting your organization even further.

Inventory Management

Start by making a list of the current inventory you have. This will allow you to know how much you currently have on site for immediate use. From there you will want to see what equipment is critical to day-to-day operations of your business. Having extras of these pieces of equipment is important! For example, replacing an employee’s laptop after it has gone bad. Having a few spare laptops in your inventory could be the difference between getting that employee back up and running immediately or being at the mercy of a vendor that tells you it could be 2-3 weeks (or months!) before they can get you a new laptop. Being proactive and having a surplus of equipment will allow for less headaches down the road.

Keep Your Hardware Under Warranty

Let me say it louder for the people in the back…Make sure your hardware is always under warranty! This will help tremendously when dealing with vendors and finding replacement hardware that fails. Using that same example from before, if an employee’s laptop fails and is under warranty, the vendor will be able to get a replacement out within a day or so most likely. On the flip side, if the laptop fails and isn’t under warranty then the vendor won’t send a replacement and you would have to go through the process of purchasing a new laptop outright, which could lead to much longer lead times. Making sure hardware stay under warranty is one easy step you can take to save you a headache in the long run.

Now you might be saying ok this is all great in theory, but I have a business to run. The last thing I need is to add these additional tasks to my plate. That is where we come in! Biz Technology Solutions is a full managed service provider that helps manage, support, and streamline your IT! Managed service clients are assigned Technical Account Managers that helps keep track of all hardware and when warranties expire. We take care of the day-to-day IT needs so you can focus on running your business! If you are ready to take your IT and business to the next level, CLICK HERE to contact us today!


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