Wash Your Hands of Poor Cyber Hygiene

We are all taking the time to wash our hands thoroughly, wear masks, and practice social distancing to protect ourselves. And although it is important for us to maintain our physical hygiene to protect ourselves from COVID-19, it is also important to maintain good cyber hygiene so we can protect ourselves from cyber [...]

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The Hard Facts on Cyber Attacks

If you were asked to name 10 types of cyber attacks we could reasonably assume the top 2 might be Ransomware & Email Phishing. These are the types of attacks we most frequently hear about in the media. What about the next 8 though? Can you even name 8 more?   Unless you’ve researched in detail the types [...]

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Stay Ahead of Threats: The Top 5 Cybersecurity Risks

...and what it could cost you! The cyber-threat landscape is constantly shifting and evolving. Because of the wide variety of digital threats, there is no cookie cutter solutions when it comes to protecting your business from a data breach. A comprehensive security strategy is required, complete with several layers of protection [...]

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