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Logistics Software Development

Logistics Software Development

Are you looking for a transportation and logistic software development company to provide you with tailored IT solutions and dedicated services for your industry? Biz Technology Solutions can propel your digital transformation across all your transport and logistic activities. We'll uniquely cater to your custom fleet, traffic, parking, dispatch, and car rental management programs.

Transportation and Logistics Software Development Services

IT transportation software development services focus on consultation, implementation, support, and evolution. We aim to help transportation and logistics companies streamline operations and reduce costs to enhance efficiency and improve customer experiences. With advanced technologies, we can help your organization scale and thrive.

Dispatch Software Solutions

Biz Technology Solutions experts develop custom software solutions to simplify and streamline your communications processes. Our software solutions include built-in fleet vehicle telematics software, mobile functionality, and scheduling modules.

With dispatch routing software, emergency dispatch software, mobile field programs, and scheduling software, you can optimize labor, asset management, time management, and fuel price tracking for enhanced operational efficiency.

Telematics and Fleet Management Software Solutions

BTS telematics and fleet management software for transportation and logistics companies can facilitate GPS tracking, fuel management, vehicle maintenance, and more.

We can help you develop built-in telematics systems for more efficient location monitoring, geofencing, and third-party integrations with fleet telematics software. Cut costs with fleet fuel data that tracks fuel consumption and usage fluctuations.

Public Transportation Software Solutions

Public transportation software solutions can provide public transit companies with enhanced fleet and passenger data for safer, simplified, and streamlined experiences. Introduce passenger-oriented features and software to track real-time location, speed, mileage, inventory, and more.

Talk to our team about how we can turn your public transit company into an industry-leading competitor.

Rideshare and Carpooling App Solutions

BTS’ expertly engineered custom rideshare and carpooling apps enable users to request safe and reliable rides while cutting costs. Our software development facilitates enterprise-level ride-sharing networks that incorporate real-time communication, bookings and cancellations, and fare estimates, among other features.

Car Rental Management Software Solutions

Our feature-rich car rental management software solutions provide high-level customer portals and admin panels for a complete system overview. Our seamless integrations work with existing tools with added features, including rental statuses, return authorization numbers, maintenance records, registration dates, and the travel history of each car in the fleet. We also custom-build GPS software solutions for real-time tracking and recovery services.

Route and Traffic Management Software Solutions

Our custom traffic management solutions incorporate communication capabilities, report retrievals, and traffic camera monitoring to enable complete control over your traffic infrastructure. Our expert engineers will implement software and firmware to monitor real-time traffic and route planning with automatic plate number recognition, RFID sensors, and incident and speed-detecting software.

Speak to our team about our route and traffic management capabilities today.

Parking Management Software Solutions

Biz Technology Solutions provide:

  • Custom parking management software solutions.
  • Making the most of business intelligence.
  • Parking permit management.
  • Mobile operations.
  • Surveillance workflows.

We can define and manage permits with customizable time limits, renewals, and extended stays.

Supply chain Management Solutions

Improve your supply chain management with Biz Technology Solutions’ tailored software to enhance efficiency. Our custom software provides creative solutions to manage logistics and fleets across the supply chain. We can streamline educated predictions using analytics, machine learning, and key performance indicators.

Warehousing Solutions

Manage your inventory more efficiently with BTS software solutions. Leverage our tools to manage your inbound and outbound shipments, analyze stock, and manage daily operations. Our technology solutions are customized to cater to your specific needs. We consider your business size and goals to incorporate successful solutions into any company easily.

Urban Mobility

Enhance a city experience that prioritizes your customer’s needs with convenient parking management, urban planning, multi-modal transportation, ride-sharing, and ride-hailing solutions. Our optimized logistics software development experts leverage emerging technologies for better real-time management, streamlined communication, and improved services.

Speak to our team today about how we can take your urban mobility to the next level.

Asset Monitoring and Tracking

Incorporate advanced asset-tracking solutions into your business operations for enhanced services. We can help you monitor, predict, and maintain visibility across your inventory, containers, and shipments with IoT sensors, GPS, RFID, QR codes, beacons, and more. Trust Biz Technology Solutions to leverage the best tools to create a tailored system for your company.

Optimal Service Models for Transportation and Logistics Software Solutions

Do you want to work with an industry-leading transportation software development company? Biz Technology Solutions provide only the best software solutions to ensure optimized performance.

Digital consulting

We offer technical advice to help you turn innovative ideas into practical products and ensure your business stays relevant in an ever-changing global market. Speak to our experts about staying on top of the latest trends.

Software Engineering

BTS will help you through every stage of software development. From elaborating ideas and defining your vision to engineering and implementing best practices throughout your organization.

Solution Operations

Looking for proven frameworks and best practices to enhance your development environments and ensure smooth releases? We can guarantee flawless operations throughout your infrastructure.

Advanced Technology

We’ll challenge established routines to implement advanced technologies. With our industry-leading expertise, we can eliminate bottlenecks to streamline everyday operations and business innovations.

Dedicated Development Teams

We’re here for you every step of the way. We’ll support you throughout your setup, scaling, and management. Whatever you need us for, we can adapt. Choose a custom level of dedicated engagement throughout the engineering process to optimize your operations.

Optimal Service Models for Transportation and Logistics Software Solutions
BTS As Transportation and Logistics Software Development Company

Why choose BTS As Transportation and Logistics Software Development Company?

With industry-leading experience and proven expertise, we can turn your logistics company around. We leverage advanced technologies to enhance operations and cut costs, ultimately pushing your company to succeed.

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