Webinar: Small Business, Big Cyber Risk2019-09-11T13:23:23-04:00

Webinar: Small Business, Big Cyber Risk

Friday, October 4, 2019

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Big businesses like Equifax and Capital One have been in the headlines lately for their data breaches effecting millions. Unfortunately small businesses are becoming cyber criminals’ new targets. Not only are small businesses becoming more and more frequent victims of cyber-attacks, but many SMB owners aren’t even aware their systems have been breached. Local Charlotte businesses, including various small businesses in the area are falling victim and you could be next.

Cabarrus County fell victim to a phishing email and scammers stole $2.5 million.

Mecklenburg County affected by a ransom of $23,000 when hackers seized control of several government computer systems.

Schletter, Inc. (Shelby, NC) employee fell victim to a phishing scam, sharing more than 200 employees’ personal information, including SSNs, with a cybercriminal.

University of North Carolina at Charlotte due to a system misconfiguration and incorrect access settings, a large amount of data hosted by the school was accessible on the internet, including approximately 350,000 SSNs were exposed.

Charlotte Housing Authority suffered a data breach due to an email spoofing attack, affecting more than 300 past and present employees’ data released with their W-2 forms.

Spear phishing is a threat that continues to evolve as cybercriminals find new ways to avoid detection. With the low cost of deployment and the potential for huge profits this trend won’t be changing anytime soon. Tune in to find out what you should be doing to help keep your organization safe.

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