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You might have heard people at your company talk about Active Directory or AD. AD is a data base system that Microsoft created to connect all individual machines and users on one network. It allows administrators to control every computer on the network as well as, facilitate easier sharing of information between machines. In Lehman’s terms, AD helps organize and protect your company’s computer users and devices. Below we have complied a list of top reasons why AD is a beneficial product to have within your business.

Easy Logins: Once a user is created, the machine and network communicate back and worth, so a user will be able to log into any machine on the network. For example, if a user is added to AD they will be able to not only use their own device in their office but also easily login to any computer on the network.

Administrative Control: AD grants control to all machines on the network. This makes it easier to implement/grant specific settings and privileges to users on the network.

Central Storage: AD has a centralized storage repository for user files. When files are saved on the central server, other users on the domain can also access those files.

Improved Security: Since the network admin has control of the domain, they’re able to implement new security measures when necessary. AD also allows you to grant or revoke access to all computers and connected software/services. This is good if you are adding new employees and need to grant access or terminating employees and need to revoke access.

Centralized Services: This allows the network admin to pushout any new software the company needs, as well as enforce company policies to all devices on the network.

In summary, AD give network admins the ability to push out necessary software and updates needed to keep the network safe as well as, monitor who has access to the network and what privileges each person has. This allows for another layer of added security within your company’s network. Here at Biz Tech one of our company standards is for each of our clients to have AD. This allows us to easily push out any updates/patches and software you company needs to stay protected and run efficiently. If you are ready to learn more about how Biz Tech can help take you IT to the next level reach out to us today! You can contact our sales team at 704-658-1707 or email