Telemedicine Helps Practice Expand Into Rural Surroundings

Technology is changing the way we work, communicate and live- and it’s also changing the way we visit the doctor. Long gone are the days of having to make a doctor’s appointment and waiting in a room full of sick patients. With the onset of Telemedicine, patients can see a specialist from their office, or even from their living room couch.

While Telemedicine technically started out in a different form close to 40 years ago, it has now spread rapidly and it is starting to be more common in hospitals and specialty departments. Today Telemedicine includes a variety of services and applications including two-way video, email, smart phone, wireless tools and other forms of telecommunication technology, according to the American Telemedicine Association website,

Okey Norcutt, Chief Information Officer at Blue Ridge Medical in Arrington, VA, wanted to extend the practice’s behavioral health and pediatrics into the rural surrounding counties, but he wasn’t quite sure how. Often times it’s difficult to locate and employ medical providers in rural areas despite their great need for healthcare services. To grow the practice into these rural areas, Norcutt enlisted the help of Biz Technology Solutions, Inc.

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