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Data Loss Can Cause You to Shut Down

Small and medium sized businesses today are relying more than ever on IT systems to efficiently run their business, support customers and optimize productivity. These systems house sensitive digital data ranging from employee and customer information, to internal emails, documents and financial records, sales orders and transaction histories. This is in addition to applications and [...]

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What You Should Do When Ransomware Attacks

“Why can’t I open that file?” “My P drive is full of files with funny names.” “Help!” It always starts out the same. Someone logged in and noticed strange file names or missing files. These are telltale signs of a ransomware attack, which means that your day just got a lot worse. The good news: [...]

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Breaking News: Downtime Kills Small Businesses

A recent two-hour New York Times' downtime occurrence sent Twitter ablaze and their stock price plummeting. Google going down for one to five hours resulted in lost revenue up to $500,000 and decreased overall web traffic by 40%. We know what you're thinking. Holy crap, Google makes $100,000 an hour? Yeah... insane, huh? While the [...]

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What You Can Learn from Business Regulator’s Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Recommendations

U.S regulators have recommended that all futures and securities firms review and update their current data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity solutions. Prompted by closures in the equities and options market in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Regulators including the SEC, FINRA, and the CFTC contacted firms to assess the impact Hurricane Sandy had [...]

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Is That a Business Continuity Plan in Your Pocket… Or a Bunch of Jargon?

Technology is full of difficult jargon. To further complicate things, certain terms are often used in a different context between one publication or service provider and the next. An example of this is the usage of backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity. These terms are commonly used interchangeably, often resulting in confusion. In an effort [...]

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8 Hard Truths for SMBs Not Worried About Data Recovery and Business Continuity

The foundation of any successful business continuity solution is the ability to retrieve data from any point in time from anywhere. When the topic of data recovery and business continuity comes up, you get the feeling that many decision makers at smaller businesses and organizations wish they could channel their inner six year old, simply [...]

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Is Your Business Safe from Virtual Threats?

Did you know that 50% of small business owners think their businesses are too small to be targeted by the thieves of the virtual world? Contrary to popular belief, 72% of hacker attacks often happen to smaller firms - firms with less than 100 employees! So how prepared is your SMB? Here’s a checklist to [...]

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