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Before You Put That Security System App on Your Phone, Read This!

A cool and innovative feature that is being offered to our clients by their security companies is connecting their security system to an app on key persons’ phones. This sounds great, and is admittedly a useful feature. However, there are huge security risks that must be mitigated before this feature is implemented. Background on [...]

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Is Microsoft Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS) Right for Your Business?

Since Microsoft Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS) is barely a year old, some IT professionals are still hesitant about switching. Maybe it's the change they're dreading. Or maybe they just don't know enough about it. Whatever the reason, security and mobile device management are a real challenge and concern for IT departments at large organizations. [...]

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6 Tips to Prevent Ransomware

Ransomware isn't just affecting small businesses. Large enterprise organizations are constantly being targeted by hackers. A 2016 study by Malwarebytes found that 40% of companies were attacked by Ransomware. Some of the more notable businesses hit recently by WannaCry include FedEx, Nissan, Hitachi, Renault and NHS. While Ransomware may not be 100% avoidable, there are [...]

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One Stop Shop – Complete Turnkey Solutions

The constantly evolving cloud technology has led enterprise organizations to actively focus on further leveraging cloud services, to accelerate their business value. In this transformation process, there is an increasing preassure around meeting the constant demand of the mobile workforce, and handling the plethora of data — driving many to reevaluate their infrastructure. Enter [...]

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Try Microsoft Power BI for Office 365 for a Better Reporting Experience

This blog originally appeared on Microsoft Office Blogs on February 17th, 2016. https://blogs.office.com/2014/02/27/power-bi-for-office-365-with-project-online/ With the new availability of Power BI for Office 365, Project users now have the ability to schedule workbook refreshes. For example, set it to update the data early in the day, so that your team can see fresh data instantly. Among [...]

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3 Ways Power BI Can Help Your Sales Team Succeed

https://blogs.office.com/2016/06/21/3-ways-power-bi-can-help-your-sales-team-succeed/ With an ever-evolving market and a massive amount of data available, your sales team’s job of knowing their customer base isn’t easy. A multitude of information streams in every day. Sorting through data sets, spreadsheets and a dozen apps can slow them down—hindering the growth and success of your company. In fact, 90 percent of [...]

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